You are right, Jeanie Stanton. This conversation has become “pathetic.”

What is pathetic is that you don’t have the intelligence to grasp the fact that evidence is required to convict a person of a charge or a crime.

Lack of evidence results in exoneration of the charge. No one is required to physically exonerate a defendant if there is no evidence to convict them.

For example, if someone charged you with being intelligent, there wouldn’t be any evidence to convict you of that charge. Therefore, you would automatically be exonerated.

By the way, you are not smart enough to “bait” a fishhook.

Dick Sherwin


No red flag laws

Red flag laws are criminal. Even if a gun owner is cleared at his court appearance, he will be raped with lawyer and gun storage fees to the tune of $20,000 to $50,000 — all because someone called in a report on someone over his political views.

Yes, there is little to stop that type of abuse. The same people who flag your social media posts as offensive will be calling in red flag reports.

This not only effectively shuts down the Second Amendment but also the First Amendment. It will skew the political debate arena in favor of less thought-out paths leading to ruin of the nation.

Think because you are not a gun owner you are exempt? Think again. Red flags can be called on anyone.

Because the government cannot know if the subject of the call owns a gun, non-gun owners can have their houses searched. This kills the Fourth Amendment. Better hope you don’t have something else in your home of interest. Even if you don’t, you are exposed to the dangers of being swatted by a SWAT team. People get killed all the time when someone makes a wrong move. Maybe your dog gets shot. ...

The information is out there to prove this is a disaster in the making. Congress will be in session in about a month. Call your reps and tell them very firmly you refuse to be a victim and to oppose red flag laws and any new “assault weapons” ban. ...

Michael Dietz


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