Hurting morale

The Clearwater County Sheriff’s search and rescue was having problems with its treasurer. His reports didn’t correctly reflect transactions. His math was wrong and he didn’t follow his duties as outlined in the bylaws.

He was unwilling to resign as treasurer and convinced his friends he was doing a wonderful job.

The president, vice president and secretary (myself) had a meeting with Sheriff Chris Goetz and asked him to intervene and remove the treasurer from office as there was nothing in the bylaws to remove a person from office.

This was the end of 2015, beginning of 2016.

A committee was formed to revise the bylaws to correct this problem.

My understanding was that the sheriff met with the treasurer and the treasurer threatened to resign from search and rescue, and take 22 people with him if he was removed from office.

The sheriff said he would take care of this but nothing happened before the end of February and the monthly meeting. I sent an email to the members stating if the treasurer didn’t resign, I would make a motion to remove him from office.

I was told by the sheriff to rescind that as he was going to take care of it. The lack of a quick, decisive response by Goetz resulted in the treasurer and several of his friends orchestrating a total chaotic disruption of the February meeting. The total confusion was not good for search and rescue morale.

Wait until you see what happened in March.

Frederick Allen


Not presidential

Although, I did not vote for Donald Trump for president, I had hoped he would rise to the occasion and realize that he would be able to lead all of us.

His behavior from the White House has not been as presidential as I would have expected.

The final straw was the recent betrayal of the Kurds who lost many men and women in our recent battles against ISIS. As a veteran who has trained for combat, you have to count on your buddies to have your back and vice versa. As a recent student who has seen combat told me, “Once you get beyond the wire, you only care about whether someone has your back.” Shame on us. Yes, I am a liberal who still is tearful when I see our flag or see a wounded vet. It seems that our commander in chief lacks empathy.

Philip Mohan


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