Consult the Constitution

In these pages, local bigots are at it again with what they feel are important warnings against the “Muslim menace.”

I’m sure they are getting their “facts” from YouTube, alt-right websites, Three Percenter literature and the likes of Ann Coulter because I’m pretty sure they can’t read Arabic, the language in which the Quran is required to be read.

But, let’s assume these bigots are correct in their assessment that followers of the Quran cannot be loyal to the Constitution.

The Constitution forbids loyal Americans from establishing a state religion or discriminating based on religion. American justice, as required by the Constitution, is blind to religion.

That means that, Muslim menace or not, as long as the Constitution is law we all have to get along.

The local bigots may find they simply have to live with others who are different from them, either physically or spiritually. If they’re true Americans, they’ll suck it up, get over it and quit trying to find a boogey man under every hijab.

John Murray


Out to get Trump

Congressman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., and the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress because of the color of his tie.

The 24 Democrats on the committee also voted that they really, really hate President Donald Trump and they want to overthrow Trump, so holding Barr in contempt is justified.

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his Democratic investigators voted that they also really, really hate Trump and they want to smear Trump, so trying to impeach him after writing a report that did not indict him is justified.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House members voted that Trump is letting 5,000 illegal aliens into the USA every day because they really, really hate Trump, so covering up the fact Democrats are letting 5,000 illegals in every day is justified.

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted to convict Don Trump Jr. of having hair too nice. They really, really hate the president and want to hurt him, so putting his son in prison is justified.

All of the above groups voted to impede President Trump if the economy gets any better. They said social justice is the reason, so impeding President Trump is justified.

The media voted to every day say something positive about Trump — just kidding. The media really, really hate Trump and want to hurt him, so being extremely biased against him is justified.

Jim Emmert


Blame owner, not dog

After reading the article about Judy Sausville and Pepper, I think there are some points that need to be reiterated concerning breeds vs. owners.

The main thing to remember is that you need to research the breed and know what you, as a responsible owner, are getting into. The dog isn’t naturally mean or aggressive. The owner has the responsibility of teaching him or her to respond to commands and responsibly socialize the pet with other dogs and people.

If the dog is uncontrollable in situations like this, it’s the owner, not the dog, that is the problem.

Whenever something like this occurs, there is usually a large amount of backlash concerning breeds that are perceived as “dangerous.”

I have been charged and bitten by more small dogs than large breeds.

Rottweilers are powerful animals, bred for pulling and herding, not as attack or guard animals. They are very loyal, smart, affectionate, protective and bond with you as a family.

We have two, 120-pound, AKC-registered and properly trained Rottweilers that we refuse to walk in town because of the large amount of people who seem to think that leashing their dog doesn’t apply to them. We refuse to take ours to local paths because too many people won’t leash their pets, not for their safety, for our dog’s safety.

Daniel King


Passed through

On June 23, I had the pleasure of buying your paper. It was the best dollar I’ve spent in some time. Complete news coverage and four sections, too. I really enjoyed your letters section as I nodded my head in agreement.

Sadly, I was on the last leg of a 4,000-mile trip and that meant time to go west and home to Redding, Calif., where gasoline is $3.99 per gallon and rising.

On another note: When I watched the debates, I found that some were advocating (word for word) Joseph Stalin’s Constitution where he promised all the “free” stuff that the debaters were selling. It seemed odd, strange and tragic to hear those folks who want to lead America liking Stalin’s ideas better than “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” So, what did you do today?

Vernon Packer

Redding, Calif.

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