Impeachment unfounded

A large threat to liberty can be well-meaning people with no sense or understanding.

With no citation of laws broken, the do-nothing Congress and unelected bureaucratic rats are scurrying with an impeachment inquiry that has nothing to do with law or the Constitution.

President Donald Trump is only the well-known face of what the impeachment inquiry is about. This impeachment is about keeping in place policies that are designed to steal the people’s tax money and to open the door even wider to rob the people of their civil liberties.

Kevin O. Thomason


No way to treat a vet

Our son has been disabled for more than half of his life. ...

On Veterans Day, someone in the neighborhood decided to put a note on his door complaining about his yard and how it looks. There were no city codes broken.

There is a pile of bark because his wife is an avid gardener. There is a pile of cut wood for their fireplace because that’s how they heat their home. There are toys in the yard because the children, a 3-year-old and an infant, play outside.

Presently the mother does not work outside the home so their finances are a little tough but they manage for most things.

Instead of getting to know their neighbors on a cul-de-sac with about 10 houses, someone decided to leave this note on the door. All I can think of is shame on you. ...

I hope when you read this letter that you take it to heart. Find out who lives around you. Find out their stories and background. It will make your neighborhood a safer and happier place to live in.

And maybe the next time you decide to criticize someone’s house or yard, you might give him a break because that person may not be able to walk or get out of the house at all. ...

His wife opted not to show him this nasty note because he already walks a tight line.

We are proud parents of a disabled veteran.

John and Cathy Jo Zeller


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