Trump exposed Bidens

Joe Biden is on tape saying he used his political office to get a prosecutor in Ukraine fired. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, got a million-dollar job inside the Ukraine without having any experience in the field. It looks like corruption. It looks illegal. (Democrats say) our president threatened Ukraine with financial consequences if they withheld evidence of that scandal.

That is why the Democrats want President Donald Trump impeached? Because he wanted corruption exposed? Yes.

Joe Biden is guilty of unethical political influence. Hunter Biden is guilty of unethical graft. Trump is guilty of wanting that graft and corruption exposed. Read the transcript.

The Lewiston Tribune continues to print the political cartoons of Mike Luckovich. These cartoons are evil, false, hate speech aimed at insulting and offending anyone who respects the office of the president of the United States.

Anyone who would choose to print the Luckovich vomit has no respect for truth or fairness.

Keith Borgelt


Blue ribbons for all

I’ve been reading about Moscow’s “mastery-based education.”

The current grade-inflated system, with a third of the class getting 4.0 grade-point averages, where what used to be Cs and Ds are now Bs and almost no one gets an F is apparently too unfair.

Now, they are proposing a system where students can redo assignments and retake tests and do either on their own schedule. How nice.

There is little to no personal responsibility. Perhaps we should do away with grading altogether, and just give them all a blue ribbon and a diploma for participating. After all, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or damage their little psyche.

After they get their blue ribbon, then we can send them off to “free college for everyone.”

These are great ideas. Liberal minds continue to amaze me.

Lucky Brandt


Losing patience

Lewiston Tribune, you have a problem. I have had wonderful regular paper carriers during the years. And until the past six weeks, I never had issues with the Market — the little Tribune paper for people who don’t take the Tribune — being thrown in front of my house.

Yet each of the past six weeks I’ve had to go out and pick up a soggy wet paper. And each week, I call and make it very clear I do not want the Market.

Last week I spoke with young (Nathan) Alford and he assured me he personally would take care of the problem but there was a high turnover rate in Market delivery persons.

So I will call again tomorrow and yet again complain.

Perhaps this letter to the editor will get some action.

The Moneysaver has a special method of designating which homes never receive their print. Perhaps someone could call the Moneysaver to find out what that method is, implement it and not cause your long-time, good customers to think so poorly of your management that they can’t solve this issue in six weeks.

Nancy Hansen


Still old boys club

I am writing about the Major League Baseball anti-hazing and anti-bullying policy and, specifically, how the policy affects players in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. MLB has stated it’s a diverse organization, and is inclusive of everyone. Currently, this isn’t the case.

There are currently no openly gay, bisexual, or transgender men playing professional baseball. Billie Jean King, tennis legend and part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, said in an interview with Outsports that a reason why there are no out, gay MLB players is that “… Nobody feels safe to come out. It’s still an old boys club.”

This can be seen by the use of homophobic slurs by players. George Springer of the Houston Astros used a slur against an umpire earlier this year. In 2017, Matt Joyce of the Oakland Athletics and Kevin Pillar of the Toronto Blue Jays were suspended for using homophobic slurs.

In 2015, National League All-Star Daniel Murphy said he believed being gay was a “lifestyle,” and one he disagreed with. It is hard to imagine LGBT players feeling comfortable to come out when their teammates use slurs and think being gay is a “lifestyle.”

Continuing to educate players and using punishment that is swift when homophobic situations arise can help to eliminate the anti-gay culture that baseball is steeped in. Inclusion of everyone, regardless of the background, is one of the values that MLB lists in their mission statement. It is past time they start acting like it.

Hannah Martian


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