Looking after snowflakes

Millions of liberals have become so angry, nasty, mean and filled with vitriolic hate toward “orange man bad” and his supporters that March 2020 is designated Hug a Snowflake month.

So any liberal suffering from advanced Trump Derangement syndrome can seek out a Trumpster who will give him friendly generous hugs to make him feel better, ease his emotional pain and hopefully head him toward badly needed recovery.

It’s all in the spirit of the lefty talking point, “Can’t we all just get along?”

So huggers will be laughing, smiling and wearing red MAGA hats for easier identification while huggies can call for a waambulance or just carry on with arm flailing, sweaty temper tantrums.

One word of caution, however: Huggers should not squeeze very sensitive snowflakes too tightly because the bulge of legally concealed personal weapons might push some over the edge to never return again to any sustainable level of emotional normality.

So if we all work in unison, say nice things to one another and not threaten violence, than five more years under the Trumpster will be just a walk in the park.

John Webb


Make the switch

Here are some reasons to use clean and renewable sources for our energy needs:

l Cleaner, safer and healthier energy options reduce air and water pollution.

l Fighting climate change reduces the likelihood of wildfires, which could devastate our town, displace local residents and cause severe erosion damaging to our water resources and fisheries.

l Commit to clean energy to fight flash flooding in local streams and fight severe weather events such as droughts and storms.

l Using clean energy will lower the risk of inconsistent and unreliable rainfall, which can negatively affect our local agriculture.

l Support the local economy and keep dollars local by supporting local clean and renewable energy sources.

l Support Moscow in being a leader in working to protect our air, water, farming and places we live by lowering and eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels.

l  More than 25 percent of the U.S. has already pledged to lower use of fossil fuels and progressively switch to clean and renewable energy.

Ready for 100 percent clean and renewable energy? Let’s commit Moscow and Idaho and join Boise, Washington state, New Mexico, California and others.

Martha Lovett


Venturing into la-la land

The Jeffrey Esptein memes are funny, but when it turns into a serious notion that the Clintons had him offed and the liberal media is covering it up, you’ve walked straight into la-la land.

I mean, the most obvious question is: Of all the super rich and powerful people with whom Epstein associated, why would it be the Clintons?

President Donald Trump personally knew Epstein and there’s a video of them partying together and gawking creepily at underage women. Why wouldn’t Trump be a suspect?

And why would the president, with all his connections and influence, be unable to produce any evidence at all that the Clintons were involved? Isn’t Hillary Clinton his sworn enemy?

Remember, though, that the Clinton murders conspiracy goes back to the 1990s. It was swiftly and widely discredited, but it persists among the cult-like mentality of the far-right.

So for many conservatives, Clinton is basically able to wield incredible power and have very powerful people killed without leaving a trace, but she wasn’t able to use that power to secure the presidency — twice, actually. The first time, she was unable to even secure the Democratic Party nomination.

That’s the beauty of the deep state conspiracy theory. The deep state is always extremely powerful yet also not powerful at all.

Wyatt Coil


Left hanging

The people at the Idaho outfitters and guides public meeting at Lewiston last week nearly noticed reality.

Gov. Brad Little enticed further fantasy and wishful thinking when he urged everyone to “not get hung-up on the issue of dam removal.”

The governor was concerned “that breaching dams would dominate the talk.”

Well, hello. It remained the elephant in the room. The statewide committee of qualified parties that was appointed several months ago to assess the viable options met, consulted and apparently left the fish and the outfitters and guides hanging.

They have yet to present an acceptable course of action that stakeholders can endorse.

Fifty years of accumulated facts all speak for themselves: We screwed up.

Let’s fix what we can and not let this failed experiment determine our destiny. Isn’t it obvious that if we can’t get the fish downstream to complete their life cycle, we cannot have them back to reproduce?

Then there is the issue of “making everyone whole again.”

That flight of fantasy is possible only if we stop being selfish and quit “doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results.”

There is a one-word definition for that.

Bill Chetwood


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