Malignant narcissist

Can “We the People” tolerate four more years of a malignant, narcissistic president who puts his own selfish needs ahead of the good of the country? This is something the voters will have to decide in 2020.

Psychiatrist Otto Kernberg identified malignant narcissism as including four dysfunctional traits which are;

1) “Narcissism, with its grandiosity, lack of empathy, need for attention, and sense of entitlement.”

2) “Antisocial behavior, with its lack of remorse, destructive and impulsive behavior, deceitful, and disregard for and violation of the rights of others.”

3) “Paranoid thinking with its sense of persecution, difficulty trusting others, preoccupation with others’ loyalty, tendency to bear grudges, and tendency to view benign actions of others as attempts at deception or exploitation.” And

4) “Sadism, with its cruelty, efforts to humiliate or manipulate others, and deriving enjoyment from others’ pain and suffering.”

Throughout his candidacy and presidency, Trump has displayed examples of all four traits of malignant narcissism. Trump exhibits grandiosity whenever he talks about the size of his crowds attending his events even though there are photos of sizes of the crowds at these events. Trump lies.

Trump is incapable of showing empathy or compassion. A photo of him and Melania holding an orphan from the El Paso Walmart massacre shows Trump smiling while displaying his right hand with the thumb up. Isn’t this a time to display grief and not an opportunity for a photo op?

Finally, should a president disrespect four congresswomen by saying go back to their country?

Tom Fellows


There was no rug to pull out from under GOP

Idaho’s Medicaid waiver and pulling rugs. This waiver was doomed from the start. The federal law requires that the waiver provide the same or better coverage and would cost the federal government no more than direct Medicaid expansion.

The state Legislature and the Department of Insurance knew the rules before submitting the waiver request. And if they had listened to input, would have known that the application didn’t stand a chance.

It is beyond ironic for Hill, Bedke and Little to say that the feds “pulled the rug out” when they applied the clearly stated and known rules to a waiver application that the Legislature and governor knew clearly expressed wishes of the voters of Idaho.

And a bit arrogant to expect to get your way in spite of the law.

John Rusche


Lewiston’s businesses are being choked off

Is Lewiston withering? I believe it is on the razor’s edge of failing in its business tax base.

I have the feeling “the Good Old Boy” network has a hand in choking off many possible investments to our city.

There are a thousand questions that can be asked, here are only a few:

l Why has the historical down town been allowed to waste away?

l Why has the city not developed the waterfront?

l Why does the city council look in the rear view mirror, instead of planning a vibrant economic future?

And, I’ll leave the airport out of this conversation at this time, as it would take many more words.

Just look at the loss of all the retail companies we have lost and will lose. Empty stores, and a dead mall.

We vote soon for three open city council seats. The new members should be responsible to a Lewiston district, not just open seats, but they should start to unravel some of the most restrictive city ordinances that have throttled our city for years.

If I were younger I’d run, just to bring up these and many more ideas to reinvigorate our great city.

Bruce Broughton


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