Idahoans need Medicaid without ‘strings’

Our free clinic has been struggling financially this summer. Super busy, and, yet, less income. Unfortunately, it may be due to the fact that our bigger donors from the past are unable to write off as much as they used to due to new tax laws.

We are feeling particularly grateful to Kissler Family Foundation and the Lewiston Police Department. KFF provided some unexpected funding this summer. And LPD has always been helpful to us and have been particularly helpful with some recent concerns, especially Lt. Jeff Klone. We are very grateful for LPD helping us keep our volunteer staff and patients safe.

Our mission to provide health care for those in need will continue even after Medicaid is expanded in 2020. Unfortunately, the health care gap that we cover is unlikely to shrink much. We may struggle at times, but we are always grateful for those who help us to continue helping the medically needy.

We encourage all of you to research the facts and make comment on Idaho’s work restrictions for Medicaid. Idaho’s Department of Labor reported in 2017 that there is a “Digital Divide” in Idaho. About 42 percent of Idaho’s rural residents do not have adequate technology (computers and internet) to be able to report as required, so they may likely lose their coverage if they’re lucky enough to get it. So many fragile patients live in Idaho’s rural areas.

Idaho voters voted to expand Medicaid without “strings.” We are hoping Idaho’s Legislature remembers that.

Charlotte Ash

Director, Snake River Community Clinic


My ‘death with dignity’ is in God’s hands

In response to the letter by Marsha Burns regarding “Death with dignity” — to each his own, but I am totally against euthanasia.

Being Catholic, while I am on this Earth, no matter what God has in store for me, the way I will die with dignity is when the lord calls me home. He and only he knows when that day will be.

I will not hasten it along because I am in pain from sickness or slowly dying from a disease.

This is my personal feeling and I am in God’s hands.

Cheryl Fuqua


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