Reverse racism is still racism and is still bad

In the song “Father of Mine” by Everclear, one of the lines refers to “a scared white boy in a Black neighborhood.” That was my story growing up.

I was raised by a single mom in a mostly Black neighborhood in California. I had rocks thrown at me walking to school. I was beaten up regularly. I went to prison at 18 and was grateful for the racial divide.

Unless you’ve experienced “reverse racism,” keep pushing to promote Black Lives Matter instead of all lives matter and you will see first hand what I went through.

Richard Johnston


Some NPC deputies need more training

Sheriff (Joe) Rodriguez, I hope you’re serious about additional training for your officers. I can think of a couple who would not make the cut if regular outside assessments were conducted by neutral agencies.

I worked in law enforcement and am a retired officer. You have a great workforce minus a select few that I’ve encountered during my evenings out.

J. J. Moniker


Media is ignoring violence against cops

Police officers are being ambushed because of media coverage making cops into monsters, but the media isn’t reporting that.

What also isn’t being reported is the amount of African American police officers who have gang ties and have been convicted of drug trafficking and crimes against their own communities.

If you’re interested in a good article, read about the Rampart police scandal which was predominantly African American police officers committing crimes in Los Angeles County.

After you’re done with those interesting facts, read what occurred after Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. Gangs victimized people who were already devastated by flooding. Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor, was convicted of numerous charges related to Hurricane Katrina, and yes he is African American.

I guess Black lives really do matter, especially amongst Black people in power.

Jordiana Brown


Remove the undesirables

Sheriff (Joe) Rodriguez, since I voted for you, I fully expect to see the “undesirables” removed from your department.


Bryan Greers


Lewiston City Council sets stage for pay raises

Still more unreported city council news from your unpaid reporter. You wouldn’t know it from reading the Tribune, but the council is now considering the city manager’s proposed budget for next year.

Setting the stage for a staff pay raise, last year’s council appropriated $26,000 for a nation-wide survey of what comparable cities in other states that include Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan are paying their employees. Councilor John Pernsteiner thought the survey was a bargain at that price. I thought a phone call to Clarkston, Moscow, Pullman and Colfax might be more useful.

Another proposal is to spend $4 million to build a new fire station two blocks away from the existing one to reduce the emergency response time to the Elks addition by one minute. That is in addition to the $985,000 for new vehicles of which the fleet maintenance manager said only two or three needed to be replaced this year.

And then there are the 110-year-old downtown water and sewer pipes that the city is not seeking to replace. Yet, if one of them were to collapse there would be no service downtown until the problem was fixed. The city engineer acknowledged that these desperately needed new pipes could be installed for less than the $11 million the city is seeking for the new well and reservoir that we don’t need. And so it goes.

More to come. Stay tuned.

John Bradbury


I call B.S. on BLM backer

I don’t recall her name, but a woman who supported Black Lives Matter stated she was “afraid to raise her kids here.” I call BS. She confronted an armed Second Amendment activist in what appeared to be an attempt to provoke an altercation. You certainly didn’t seem fearful. Change comes from truth, not trying to generate support through misguided sympathy.

Tara Brown


He was a fine gentleman of the old style

It was sad to note the recent news that Billy Ray Hopson had passed from this life.

I had occasion nearly two years ago now to represent Billy Ray in a legal matter. It was very enjoyable to represent him. He was attentive, polite, mannerly, a good conversationalist, and very much a fine, fine gentleman of the old style.

Certainly not everyone has his good qualities.

Safe travels to the next life, Billy Ray. R.I.P.

Danny Radakovich


Coach Hobbs said Ralph Russell was ‘a great kid’

I can still remember the death of Police Officer Ralph Russell.

When my dad read about it in the paper, it really affected him.

My dad was Ray Hobbs who coached football at Pullman High and had Ralph as a player. Dad told me about Ralph and what a “great kid “ he was.

It was nice to meet Mrs. Russell while our daughter was in the hospital having tubes put in her ears.

John Hobbs


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