Milley committed treason

... I don’t care who you stand with, who you voted for or who you are angered by. But any of you who passed any sort of U.S. history and government high school lessons know something isn’t right.

Re-read “1984” and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell or “Seven Days in May” by Charles W. Bailey II and Fletcher Knebel.

Have you observed the last two weeks? Have you listened and heard what was said and by whom? ...

As of this writing, it has been two days and Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, has yet to refute Bob Woodward’s printed interview. This very powerful man openly admitted to committing treason against the very country that put stars on him.

Lets be clear: “Russia, Russia, Russia” was Plan 1. The accusers did this and failed to cover in time.

Plan 2 was “Ukraine.” Again, the accusers failed to overcome the truth in the transcript.

Now think hard: Plan 3 has something to do with Nov. 3 and, per Milley, it does. Read the Woodward transcript and demand to have the original phone transcripts issued, with no redactions, to the American newspapers and public within 15 days.

Let’s see if we can stand the truth of a political and military soft coup on a sitting president of the United States.

The D.C. branch of People’s Liberation Army have all outed themselves in the past few months. Afghanistan is rich in mineral deposits beyond means. Think who is benefiting.

Judy Goodson