Not that Jackson

The Dec. 13 story about presidential candidates who have visited this area reminded me of a funny incident. In 1984, I lived in a small East Texas town, midway between Dallas and Houston. As office manager on a construction crew, I got the local newspaper and mail.

One fall day in 1984, the paper’s headline read, “Jackson coming to Lufkin.”

One of the good old boys who worked on the crew saw it and exclaimed, “Wow. I’ll have to tell my wife. She loves his music.”

I gently explained that no, it wasn’t Michael Jackson. It was Jesse Jackson, who was trying to become a presidential candidate that year. Jesse Jackson gave a speech at the local high school that night. I’ve got the photos somewhere.

R.G. Nourse


New ambulance formed

We are excited to announce the proposed formation for a new ambulance district for the people and by the people elected from the community. The name of this proposed ambulance district is Valley United EMS Ambulance District.

We are a concerned group of Kamiah emergency medical technicians who are independent from the city of Kamiah. We want to give a voice back to the people who trusted us for so many years. This new proposed inclusive ambulance district will be using local, well-known first responders, EMTs and advanced EMTs — with the goal of keeping costs minimal for our community with the same dedication and aspiration to grow in the skills as we have always done in the past.

Feel free to ask questions. Follow us on Facebook at “Proposed- Valley United Ambulance District” or by email at

This is just the start of something new and wonderful for the Kamiah Valley.

We will continue to update our Facebook page with new information. Stay healthy and safe. Wash your hands and practice social distancing.

Shirley Clopton


Evidence supports Trump

In his Dec. 20 column, Chuck Malloy wrote this while discussing Gov. Brad Little: “Sometimes, the best form of leadership is providing a sense of calm during the most difficult of circumstances, and hats off to the governor for trying that approach.”

This is exactly what President Donald Trump did at the start of the pandemic, yet he was eviscerated for it.

Beijing Biden’s whole campaign was based on criticizing the president about masks, yet evidence is mounting that Trump may have been right. In Townhall, Scott Morefield wrote: “Justin Hart and the team at Rational Ground just released a comprehensive data analysis of masked versus non-masked counties in the state of Florida.”

Twenty-two of 67 counties implemented a mask order at some time. The counties with mask mandates averaged 23 cases per 100,000 people. The non-mask counties averaged 22 cases per 100,000. Nationwide, mandating states averaged 27 cases per 100,000, while non-masking states averaged 17 cases per 100,000.

It’s too bad the media (including this newspaper) have a moratorium on any news challenging the presidential election results. All they do is claim every allegation is “baseless” and “ a threat to democracy.”

If the roles were reversed, you know there would be headlines everyday about fraud.

If you are truly open minded, go to: and you will see why half the country has deep concerns about this “fair” election. That way, if things turn out differently than you expect on Wednesday, you’ll at least know why.

Bruce Crossfield


Told the story well

A few weeks ago the Nez Perce County Historical Society moved the replica of the Territorial Capitol to our historical campus at Third and Capitol streets. This move was itself historic and represented the culmination of many hours of work and many dollars donated by museum friends.

Throughout the move, the museum received excellent cooperation and coverage by the Lewiston Tribune. The photos were super, and the story was accurately written.

Thank you, Tribune, for covering our story so well, and thank you for the coverage you provide for so many other local events.

Dan Miller

President, Nez Perce County Historical Society