Return the money

The White House has always been a symbol of our country and its values. It was shocking and saddening to see it used as a political campaign stage from which the occupant threw political barbs at his opponent. Doesn’t that cheapen the dignity of this symbol?

The venue then moved to a military base. Although the president is the commander in chief of the military, it is not his private army. The strategy of the military does not include being involved in politics.

The venue then moved to the Washington Monument, which is on federal land, for the fireworks display.

Isn’t all this misuse of federal facilities? All of these locations are supported by tax dollars. If they are to be used for political campaigning, I want my money back.

Carol Schmidt


What accomplishments?

Cindy Agidius asks us to “look past Trump’s rhetoric” to his accomplishments. The column talks of growing up in northern Idaho and lists none of Donald Trump’s works as our president. She has only talked of how bad our democracy will be without Trump and did not give us any reason to reelect him.

Calm might not come under a Democratic president, but things are far from calm now.

Dennis Smith


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