Keep the photos coming

For several months I have watched and waited with anticipation to see the stunning photographs in the Lewiston Tribune to appear on my doorstep. And poof — like magic — the Tribune does not disappoint.

I want to give heartfelt congratulations to your photographers, August Franks and Peter Caster. While other small town newspapers rely on locals with cellphones and stock photos, it is impressive that our newspaper still pays real photographers to capture the daily activities in our valley and the surrounding small towns you have always supported.

From photos of bull riding at the Lewiston Roundup to the Hot August Nights vintage car show, female soccer players with hair mid-air, flocks of white birds huddled up on the Snake River, the Nez Perce Nation pow wows, sunlight spotlighting a woman doing yoga, a hard hit at a local football game and the angle of the winning shot at a basketball game from above the net, Caster’s and Franks’ abilities do not go unnoticed. Their photographs are stunning and soon could be award-winning. The Tribune is very lucky to have them. ...

They are just two of the many reasons we look forward to having the Lewiston Tribune delivered to our doorstep. ...

I have always said ... producing a daily newspaper is tantamount to having a final exam every day of the week. Keep up the great service and keep those great photographs coming.

And to give credit where credit is due, Barry Kough was the best.

Thanks to all.

Jennifer Menegas


Reclaim civility

My wife and I had the pleasure to visit the beautiful town of Orofino on Aug. 9. Folks were welcoming and warm.

Contrast this with a sign displayed in town. The in-your-face language, including the word “bulls***” more than once, along with words decrying COVID-19 testing and hyperpartisan rhetoric against Democrats, was anything but welcoming.

Consider the monument in nearby Missoula to fallen soldiers from World War I and World War II. There is no D or no R next to any of their names. Take a look at the signs thanking the firefighters in the area. Again, there was no mention of party affiliation.

My father, a lifelong Democrat, served in World War II in the Army Air Corps. He lived in Idaho as a child.

Free speech is a treasured right. But there has never been a time in American history when all the truth and all the good ideas were held by a single party. Free speech should be a conversation, not a bullhorn.

When your speech silences those who don’t agree with you, that’s not freedom.

Demand that the city of Orofino take action against these signs and against enforcing a single point of view.

Chris Kurtz

Portland, Ore.

Supports Liedkie

I am writing this letter to ask the citizens of Lewiston to join me in choosing Hannah Liedkie to serve on the Lewiston City Council.

Liedkie acquired a great deal of experience working with the Idaho Legislature on many issues. She has to be commended for her tireless and unselfish dedication to people with disabilities.

Liedkie’s work with the Idaho Legislature has ensured that this segment of Idaho’s population is represented. I know that she will bring this same hard work and dedication to the Lewiston City Council.

Liedkie has served this community in various positions — Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission since 2018, YWCA board of directors, Nez Perce County Board of Guardians, vice president of Access Idaho and current president and CEO of Opportunities Unlimited Inc.

It would take more than my 250-word limit to list all the volunteer work she has provided and continues to provide our community.

Liedkie believes that no matter the government, the residents of Lewiston choose the city council.

They must hold themselves and other leadership accountable to be responsible in leading Lewiston toward economic development that benefits all generations of citizenship through effective and efficient government policies.

This includes long-term investments in our infrastructure before they become emergencies, ensuring we are using the skills of our city staff so that dollars are spent where needed to move the plan forward, and promoting our area resources that set us apart, including air travel and tourism.

Please join me in electing Hannah Liedlie.

Randy C. Spray