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Elect Henze

With the election days away and votes already being counted, there is still much to think about. We hope you are voting for candidates after careful consideration of their long-term plans for our future. But no matter who you voted for or the outcome of the elections, as residents and taxpayers in our country, state and county, we must continue to be involved in the issues that we believe in.

Ask questions, get answers and don’t be left out of the decision-making process. Too many decisions are made without our participation — we pay our taxes, the salaries of the “decision-makers” and deserve to get our money’s worth.

It was the aquatic center, a situation that developed maybe because we weren’t told enough and partly because we weren’t paying attention, that raised questions. Every time we receive the property tax bill, it’s a reminder.

We lost confidence then and many of you felt the same. Most county decisions are driven by lack of funds, which drives poor decision-making.

There is much to be done in Asotin County — many good proposals and a jail to build. With the right approach to finding new and ongoing revenue sources, the possibilities are endless. We could be a destination, rather than a “bedroom community,” for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Just increasing taxes will not decrease the county’s indebtedness. There are ways that will generate income to pay the county’s bills and have funding for future development.

Vote for Mike Henze.

Pat Worle


No conflict of interest

G. Scott Marinella is being accused of nepotism due to the fact his wife is the duly elected Columbia County clerk.

He did not hire her or appoint her to that position as she was elected by the citizens of the county more than six years ago. ...

The clerk is a constitutional position that exists outside the judicial branch with its own responsibilities involving court documents. The county clerk is one of several independent, elected officials provided by the Washington state constitution, with specific and specials duties assigned by statute, as well as local and state court rules.

The county clerk is best characterized as the administrative and financial officer of the Superior Court.

The county clerk’s purpose is to ensure separation of powers among the three branches of government by preserving the integrity of the judiciary.

Marinella, as other judges, coordinates dockets and works with the administrator to manage calendar and hearings.

The concern for conflict comes in the fact that the county commissioners control the money for all budgets, including that of the clerk and the running of the court by that office.

Will having a judge as a relative affect those decisions?

Marinella has made it a hard and fast rule not to run the clerk’s office, the sheriff’s department (and his jail), the prosecuting attorney’s office or the defense bar.

That position allows for collaboration to run the best and most efficient court possible.

Vote for G. Scott Marinella for Superior Court judge.

Alice White


Supports Lamar

Vote for Tom Lamar for Latah County commissioner. Lamar has been both a city councilor and a county commissioner. He knows the roles of each job.

His opponent seems unaware of different roles of city and county government and interested only in getting his name in the news. A vote for Lamar is a vote for good county government and service to the people of Latah County.

Early voting is going on now at the Latah County Courthouse. Vote Lamar for Latah County now or on Nov. 3.

Margaret Dibble


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