George was not first

Had Janet Lynn Rubert read my letter of Feb. 17, she would not have called George Washington our first president. Or, she could have constructed her own time line that would give her a clearer idea of what happened between the surrender of the British to their former colonials and the meeting to discuss how to improve the Articles of Confederation government.

There was more than a decade of peace between Yorktown and Philadelphia. The Articles of Confederation government was found to be less than satisfying. The Philadelphia meeting was organized and orchestrated by James Madison, who was certain that the Articles of Confederation government would be replaced. This government had eight presidents, all prior to the election of George Washington as president of the new constitutional government.

Evidence that our constitutional government was not our first government is found at the beginning of our Constitution: “We the People of the United States in order to form a more perfect Union ...”

Jess Stone


Liberals are crazy

And now we have liberals buttering up blacks with promises of slave reparation payments to garnish votes just as black unemployment reaches historic lows.

Meanwhile, in 1860, one year before the Civil War, only two Republicans owned slaves, Francis Blair and Robert Breckinridge of Kentucky, while the rest of the 4 million slaves in the U.S. were owned by Democrats.

After the war, the KKK was founded by white southern Democrats resistant to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. So to all you liberals, start writing checks to Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton so they can disburse them to their followers, yep.

And liberals also want open borders so law-breaking illegals can head to sanctuary cities and states to enjoy free health care, free this, free that, along with driver’s licenses and national election voting rights.

So while trying to disarm law-abiding citizens, why don’t liberals open their own guarded gated communities and homes for these law-breakers and homeless to move into? They have turned major cities on the left coast into open street sewers and garbage dumps.

As goes socialist California, so goes the rest of the country. It is total hypocrisy on display for all to see and liberalism is a total and complete mental disorder.

John Webb


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