Loves to be hated

What kind of background creates someone who loves to be hated?

If you felt from early on in life that you couldn’t acquire anyone’s love, maybe power was the natural substitute.

Maybe it’s a thrill seeing fear in people’s faces. Fear could look like respect, I suppose. It takes strength and resolve to do the right thing.

Shirley F. Law


Give Trump no quarter

Some readers are upset because a pair of certain writers are calling the president names. I won’t name names, but their initials are Paul Oman and Marco Munez. ...

If they and others, are so offensive to your delicate insensibilities, why didn’t we read similar letters of protest when President Barack Obama was in office? It was almost daily Obama was being called terrible names on these very pages, names unworthy of civil discourse. Why so selective now? ...

Remember, in your justifiable anger at the government back then, you chose to vote for this insane man. (And he is, you know. Just ask the 30 renown psychiatrists and behavioral psychologists who published a report in 2017 outlining why this is true.)

But, there are far better ways to get people to really listen to a point of view about the terrible disservice President Donald Trump is doing to the country. ...

All that aside, I also call our fine president names because he’s so deserving. I prefer using indirect and/or more subtle methods. Like the word “fine,” which is opposite of my real feelings about the ignominious man. FYI, ignominious means pathetic or despicable.

But, my euphoria only lasted one paragraph. In reality, it is way more fun and satisfying, and certainly lowers my blood pressure, to let it out and give Trump no quarter. Let’s call him what he is — a petulant, spoiled brat, ignorant, potato-headed racist. His lone goal is to enrich himself at your/our expense. ...

Jim Roach


Losing the salmon

Since we have almost no fishing on the Clearwater River and the rest this year, many will say or indicate it’s over all not a disaster or foreboding predictor of no salmon in the future.

But I believe it is. Granted, many groups dump millions of smolts from hatcheries and even those don’t make it back to their hatchery (home). Essentially, even a bystander can tell the hydropower on the Snake River is going to go the way of landline phones when more efficient and less destructive methods of power are in place and being further developed.

Even Idaho elected officials question the validity of the four lower Snake River dams and the future of salmon.

So why don’t we just admit we’re wrong and begin the deconstruction of the lower four Snake River dams. It’s inevitable.

Let’s take action before the salmon go extinct.

Julian Matthews


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