Saving face

In a recent commentary, Richard Cohen articulated both the Democratic Party mindset and its political strategy when he wrote, “The foul odor of collusion and corruption clings to Trump. He’s a criminal whose crime is yet to be found.”

The problem is, there have been four different investigations on Russian collusion, and all have found nothing.

After the stunning conclusion to the Mueller investigation, the only thing the Democrat Party leaders could do to save face is claim obstruction of justice. You know, the things that never would have happened if President Donald Trump had not been falsely accused of a crime that never happened.

Yesterday, I received an email with a quote that really clarified this situation: “While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”

Now, it’s all a political game. Trump’s accusers are desperately hoping that if they keep digging, they will find something illegal so that they can destroy his presidency. And they must keep their angry base riled up; if they suddenly realize that they have been hoodwinked for more than two years there will be a rebellion.

Attorney General William Barr has set in motion some investigations on the origin of the false charges against Trump that may expose the most serious case of government corruption in our history.

Isn’t it time that our politicians stopped playing political games, maybe start colluding with each other and govern our country?

Marvin F. Dugger


Abortion is murder

Our “garden” consists of two raised garden beds. ...

Among the items planted were two, 4-foot rows of radishes....

The other day I looked at the radishes and realized they needed to be thinned. I looked at the rows and started pulling from some portions that were crowded. ...

When done, I picked up the ones I had pulled and something struck me. Some of those radishes were 1/8-inch in diameter, some were ¼-inch in diameter and some were ½-inch in diameter (worth washing and eating).

I realized that while they were at various stages of development, I also knew that they were all radishes. At every stage of development those radish seeds that we had planted grew nothing but radishes. That is the way of life. Corn seeds sprout corn and pea seeds sprout peas. Look around you to observe the truth of that statement.

Yet, there is a large segment in our society trying to convince us that the female egg (or ovum) when impregnated with the male sperm is not a human being. Sure, it is unrecognizable at first, but nevertheless, it is a human being in its various stages of development. To destroy it is to murder a helpless human being. Reasons to destroy a life must be very restricted.

The mothers of many who are alive today may have thought about abortion. Be glad that your life was not cut short by such a decision.

Thanks, and have a great day.

Bruce Barnett


Trump shows no respect

My father served as an artillery forward observer in World War II, a dangerous job and one that was not always popular when rounds came in short, which I know, from personal experience, that they do.

Many years ago, in what proved to be a powerful experience for both of us, I took him to the large American cemetery located near the invasion beaches of Normandy. It was a day that I will never forget, and one that brought us both close to tears.

But Thursday brought another powerful experience. There was President Donald Trump, sitting with a Fox News interviewer in front of all those graves, taking time out to whine about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and special counsel Robert Mueller (a “fool”). Mueller served in Vietnam as a combat infantryman, and Trump is a proven coward and a draft dodger.

Couldn’t he have shown at least a little respect for our dead soldiers? In a place where we honor our veterans, couldn’t he have kept his big trap shut about a genuine soldier like Mueller? Why did he find it necessary to use the graves of our brave soldiers as a stage on which to deliver shabby little insults? All the other presidents who have visited this sacred spot have shown respect and decency. And now an indecent man has turned up. How far our nation has fallen.

Dennis Baird


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