Point made

John Murray’s response ... to my letter about a willful ignorance about Islam epitomizes exactly what I was writing about. Using the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source for any information about anything is laughable.

As for conspiracy theories about Islam and its goals, I know of none other than what is spelled out quite a number of times in the Quran, the Sira and the Hadith. Read the source materials. They’re enlightening.

Obviously you ignored certain facts about North Africa and the spread of Islam into Christendom and who ruled these lands until conquered by Islam as spelled out in the “Sword and the Scimitar.”

The nine crusades from 1096 until the last in 1270 amount to only 23 years of European Christian countries trying to retake Christian lands captured by invading Muslims. This compares to 1,400 years of jihad against Kafirs, “a non-Muslim, the lowest form of life.”

This was after 548 battles on European and Christian lands in the Middle East after consolidating power in Saudi Arabia.

The Holocaust was not perpetuated by any teachings of Christ and those who supported it were not being Christian. Tens of thousands Muslims fought for Germany in World War II.

“Whenever denouncing the Catholic Church, Hitler routinely contrasted it with Islam. While he denounced Catholicism as a weak, effeminate religion, he praised Islam as a strong, aggressive, martial religion.”

Christians were incarcerated if they spoke out against his government before the Holocaust began.

We are in dhimmitude to Islam.

Wes Wotring


Planning not wanted

... Idaho County has never had land-use planning with building permits and zoning codes.

In 1976, I ... rode with John Brandt to the public meeting at the Grangeville armory where a large crowd told commissioners they wanted no part of such.

To end that meeting, Brandt had a long rope with a noose, which he threw over the basketball net, to loud applause.

There were no public meetings with commissioners until 1996, when groups had photographic proof the commissioners had already agreed to welcome the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the county. I was among 400 who objected.

FEMA wanted to plan and zone for all building and use in areas they would designate as flood plains, demanding owners buy flood insurance to qualify for FEMA aid. It also would decide what areas were “protected wetlands.” (A mud puddle on a low area would qualify.)

See the June 1 Tribune article on such rulings.

Only four of 400 voted for FEMA. Commissioners balked at the vote. One man placed a little piece of rope with a noose on their desk. No, Kathy Hedberg, there was no effigy hanging there.

Those old boys allowed FEMA in Idaho County but FEMA couldn’t enforce changes since no planning or zoning laws existed, a requirement to validate FEMA here.

FEMA will hold our commissioners hostage for flood damage money until commissioners give them power to make any rules they desire.

Guys, remember what county voters wanted and still do when the next election comes around.

Flora Teachman


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