Republican, Democrat or independent are three irrelevant political groups in America today. They no longer identify with the real issues in America. Their primary purpose is to serve toward reelecting career politicians to offices that only serve the political ambitions of such individuals and not their constituents or the American people.

When was the last time these elected officials actually worked together to bring about a better life to the working class, small businesses and the impoverished?

Not since the ’50s and ’60s is a fairly recent example in recollection.

The other two groups, the wealthy and corporations, continue to reap the benefits of many elected officials. Take, for example the recent “tax cut.”

Are you still waiting for that trickle down to reach you? Better pull up a cozy chair and a good book because it’s going to be a long time, if ever.

Elected officials, from Congress on down, will continue this pattern as long as they receive the hefty contributions from wealthy donors, corporations and lobbyist businesses. And you can forget about them implementing term limits on themselves. That will take either a miracle or a revolution of the current voters, which I’m betting neither will occur.

But what I am holding out hope for is the young people energizing and bonding together with a determined resolve to bring about a better vision forward of America, one that sheds prejudices of racism, includes all regardless of sex or identification as they unfortunately inherited burdens we generated as such.

Mike Petrusky


Wrong again, Jake

It’s always a bit surprising when people speak up to show the world how utterly ignorant they are, but Jake Wren has done it again with his June 17 letter.

The claim that those who are proud of their ignorance like to make is that “America is not a democracy, it is a constitutional republic.” They claim to be patriots, but they are so ignorant of their own government and country that they are incapable of being patriotic.

The term constitutional republic refers to the way our state governments are organized around a centralized federal government with representatives democratically elected by the people. We practice democracy as our form of government in our constitutional republic. The United States is both a constitutional republic and a democracy. We’re not one or the other, we’re both.

Furthermore, we are not a nation ruled by God(s). We are a nation of laws and ruled by those laws.

Our man-made laws, as outlined by our Constitution, is what establishes our nation as a nation of laws, not gods.

This is how it has to be. All religions are man-made, and therefore all gods are, likewise, man-made.

This is undeniable truth. We are ruled by our nation’s laws, not gods. Gods are fictional. Laws are real.

Until people can step up and deal with factual reality, this nation will never resolve our major issues. Factual reality is undeniable and verifiable. Adults use factual reality in their decision-making, not myopic, divisive fairy tales.

Brian Rhoades


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