Avoid Nazi analogies

After reading Paul Oman’s letter (“Are Republicans repeating history?”), I should expect my brown shirt in the mail any day now. Included with the shirt, I should also anticipate a list of addresses of all Democrats so we in the new Sturmabteilung can attack the opposite party.

The sad thing about Oman’s letter is it diminishes the horror the Nazis created.

I get it Oman is frustrated but just because one disagrees with a political party and the current president, don’t elevate the scummy Nazis by making an ill-informed political argument. The Nazis created horrible acts of terror, and nothing in this country compares to their history.

Mike Cloke


Playing with fire

In response to an article written by University of Idaho associate professor Crystal Kolden of the College of Natural Resources, which appeared in the Northwest section of Friday’s Tribune, I would like to respond to her study.

I have seen the damage and carnage caused by many prescribed burns, which you think are so great, as they quickly changed to wildfires because of a lack of skilled management by the burn teams, usually employed by the U.S. Forest Service.

I live along the Middle Fork of the Clearwater River east of Kooskia and I invite you and your students to come and observe the destruction of thousands of trees burned up in these so-called “prescribed burns.” You will also see the damage caused by a 10-acre fire where hot shot crews were sent away and guess what happened? Many of our local loggers have to go to Alaska just to find work because thousands and thousands of trees have been destroyed by — guess what?

Perhaps you and your students should all buy “rakes” and clean up the forests as “Individual No. 1” has highly suggested. By the way, Finland does not rake its forests, either.

Alan Syron


What’s the rush?

Red light runners are out of control in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley. It’s time for the traffic stop cameras to make an appearance and law enforcement to start writing citations.

When I had to relocate out of the valley in 2016, most of the red light runners were the “coal rolling” entitled rednecks. They’ve always been dangerous drivers since they drive their lifted trucks way too fast and tailgate way too closely. During three years of living in both western Oregon and Washington, I actually became complacent with the majority of the drivers being courteous, and rarely did I have to stand on the brakes for someone running a light, even in the high-paced traffic areas of Seattle and Portland.

However, after recently relocating back home, every time I get into a vehicle and drive into town, I can count on someone running one at nearly every traffic stop — requiring me or other drivers to stand on our brakes, even after getting the green light for several seconds.

I am not sure why these clowns are in such a hurry. Maybe they’re going from one minimum-wage job to another. Or it could be a mother taking her kids to soccer practice. Or they believe they’re entitled and above the traffic laws.

But it is time for this nonsense to stop.

And another thing: Why aren’t the crosswalk laws being enforced? Oregon sure takes it very seriously, even to stakeout a crosswalk and cite drivers for not stopping for a pedestrian.

Mike Grant


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