Ill-defined choice

Although I enjoy reading the Lewiston Tribune to keep up on home back in Orofino, it confuses me when the online poll steps off into LaLa Land.

The current online poll about the NFL kneeling issue provides an explanation that is blatantly untrue.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution stops governments from controlling speech and does not apply to private parties - individual or businesses. Being cute in defining the choices is fine. Being flat out wrong is not.

Sam Bacharach

Dawsonville, GA

In praise of Fernandez

I add my voice to those of the many admirers of Tony Fernandez. He is a unique person - talented, friendly and perceptive. He has been able to build the local college into an outstanding institution by recognizing the intellectual and practical needs (read jobs) of valley students. He has been able to deal effectively with the Idaho education establishment because of his openness, trustworthiness and pleasant personality.

To my mind he has been a model president and worthy of emulation. As a member of the Washington State University community, I am highly pleased that Fernandez represents the best of our alumni.

It is gratifying to know that Fernandez and his lovely wife will continue to live in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley.

Jack D. Rogers


Rebidding project

The Board of Fire Commissioners with Asotin County Fire District 1 wanted to thank our community. Our station remodel project hit a bump in the road, but community members have stuck with us every step of the way.

The lowest bid for the station remodel came in $1.1 million higher than we had budgeted. We rejected all bids because we could not in good conscience go back to voters and ask for more money.

Instead, we're breaking the project up into different phases and rebidding the work. We plan to open bids for the first phase in the middle of June. This approach could take longer to complete than the full remodel, but it's expected to be more cost-efficient.

The end result is a fire station that will meet the needs of the fire district for the next 60 years. We appreciate your patience while we make this a reality.

Patrick Loseth

Chairman, Asotin County Fire District 1


Probert won't listen

Nez Perce/Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Cheryl Probert just won't abandon her efforts to dispose of national forest land owned by 324 million Americans. The public outreach efforts generated near unanimous opposition to the Lochsa Land Exchange in 2013. She then asked Idaho Sen. Jim Risch to legislate the exchange. After receiving public comments, Risch wrote a letter to U.S.Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell in 2016 telling him he would not pursue a legislated exchange because the exchange is "not on the best interest of the citizens of Idaho."

Now she proposes to trade away national forest land to the Idaho Department of Lands for them to clearcut. Clearcuts are clearcuts. It makes no difference whether IDL or Western Pacific Timber LLC creates them.

Probert obviously does not care about how the public feels. We pay her salary. Shouldn't she listen to her supervisors? Now we must resurrect our opposition letters we sent in the past and send them again.

What motivates her to backhand the public? What's in it for her? What isn't she telling us?

More information on what IDL calls the Central Idaho Land Exchange is available at their website:

Dick Artley