Casting gloom

It’s June 2 and another Danny Radakovich (DR) pitiful “look at me” missive cast gloom over the Lewiston Tribune’s Letters page.

Though a bottom feeder, DR preens and prances in the local fish wrapper.

DR attacked Flora Teachman by listing a lengthy family resume. That’s mean. He stressed that he’s an attorney and his sister is a judge. Can you say, “The fix is in”?

On June 9, DR lectured on hatred. “The fact that ...” he finds “... someone disgusting” is different than “... saying you hate them.” Radakovich cannot distinguish between singular and plural.

In the April 3 Tribune, Radakovich cited the “Holy Trinity Green Orthodox Church.” He probably meant “Greek Orthodox,” but details are beneath DR.

“Take this cup away from me, for I don’t want to taste its poison.” — “Gethsemane” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tribune readers regarding DR.

Bridger Barnett


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