Show some respect

Memorial Day has significant meaning to my family as it does to so many others. And each year, we usually take pains in paying respects to dear loved ones who have passed by not only purchasing brand new flowers and plants to place on graves, but also in the arrangement, especially as this commemorative event occurs just once a year. That is why I was dismayed to go back to Vineland Cemetery in Clarkston on the morning of May 29 (barely a day after Memorial Day) to find that my flowers had been removed and apparently discarded, particularly as the sign at the entrance of the cemetery clearly read that flowers would be “discarded on June 9.”

When I asked the reason, I was handed a copy of an ordinance (immediately on hand, as though waiting for folks like me to show up and question this) and told me that they’d been thrown out because the maintenance men needed to mow the grounds (which did not appear to have been done).

I was completely floored, disgusted and very upset to realize that my family seemed to have been so disrespected and that the holiday apparently meant so little to the groundskeeper. Ordinance or no ordinance, what occurred was simply not right and not respectful to the public (my family or anyone’s), to which the cemetery truly belongs.

Removing flowers barely one day after the holiday occurred is the wrong thing to do, and the cemetery needs to have more oversight. ...

Rosemarie Granlund


Obstructing justice

Regardless of what the oppressive Democrats, sniveling Republicans and the Paul Oman-Marco Munez Lewiston Tribune is trying to pedal, the law is not ambiguous.

After two years of wasted tax dollars, if special counsel Bob Mueller has evidence of a crime and does not reveal said evidence, then Mueller is obstructing justice.

As the nearly muted bells of freedom stare into the now pitiful face of justice, “We the People” must insist our attorney general investigate and charge the real criminals. Just to name a few — Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Kevin O. Thomason


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