Make safety a priority

Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t heard any mention of what the presidential candidates or members of Congress plan to do to protect one of our most precious commodities — our school children.

Do these representatives need to be reminded that a shooting tragedy could very well happen at their children’s and grandchildren’s schools?

We have been fortunate in Idaho that there haven’t been any school shootings. But we still have tragic school shootings in this country, even with all the restrictive gun laws.

School children everywhere need to be kept in a safe environment.

In previous years, I supervised school children at McSorley and Whitman elementary schools at lunch recess.

I sometimes worried that the children and I were sitting ducks on the playground.

I had a plan to keep the children safe if there was a shooting.

But I worried that I might not be able to keep all of them safe.

All the doors and windows in our schools need to be bullet-proof and all the doors need metal detectors.

There need to be school guards on each of the playgrounds.

Cost should not be an object when it comes to school children’s safety.

Parents, if you join together, you have the power to call or picket representatives in Congress until they made your school children’s safety a No. 1 priority.

Phyllis Collins


War on the West

More than a month ago, I presented the proposition that the Quran and the U.S. Constitution present opposing views of governance. To date, there have been no responses explaining how these competing philosophies can be reconciled.

America is the greatest, most-generous nation the world has ever known. Unfortunately, our generosity and inconsistent foreign policy could be our undoing.

In some cases, we side with, and arm, Islamists while in other locations we engage them with our military. And then, of course, there are those we invite to live with us. This is absolute insanity.

By accepting Islamic asylum-seekers America (and most of Europe) is communicating the teachings of the Quran are acceptable and compatible with our national character. This is not true.

Some politicians naively proclaim, “They will assimilate.” This is not likely.

Every non-Muslim should soundly rebuke our government for spreading the influence of the Quran within our borders.

If we truly cared for these people, we, as a nation, would take a stand against the Quran. Individually, they would quickly learn the proclamations of the Quran are not acceptable to a free society. Perhaps then they would reconsider their allegiance.

By accepting adherents to the Quran (the basis for an alternate form of governance), our elected officials are failing their sworn duty to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Make no mistake: The Nation of Islam is engaged in a holy war against the West.

Think about this motive: “Politicians prosper when discord reigns.”

Michael Fischer


Helped during a tough day

The residents of Lewiston-Clarkston Valley should be very happy we have two great medical facilities in our area, one on each side of the river.

I had an experience on June 19 to use one of them. I had surgery at Tri-State Memorial Hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Dietrich, Rychael and the entire staff of the surgery family. Thanks to the staff at day surgery, from admissions to all the nursing staff who took care of me, too many to mention by name (you know who you were) and were so caring and compassionate.

One I do remember was nurse John, who was there most of the day and evening, He was still there when I left. He had me do specific procedures so I could go home the same day. He stayed until I was able to do what he asked. I am sure he was glad to get me home.

John was super special.

Many thanks to all who helped me that day.

It was greatly appreciated.

Barbara Robbins


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