Betting on Republican Roy

We seem to have a USA national boxing match: Democrat Dan versus Republican Roy.

Dan is swinging wildly, hoping one lands. Roy is standing back waiting for an opening to land one good jab.

Dan assumes the offensive against free speech, gun and property ownership, all current sources of energy, individual choice of health care, babies, Christians, conservatives, Republicans, free thinkers, human nature, independent duly elected president, constitutional law, etc.

What does he even like? Mob rule, total Democrat control, reprieves and voting rights for violent criminals, plethora of failed policies, radical ideologies, foreign political influence, blaming others for cloak-and-dagger deeds and George Soros’ money.

Guess he likes a lot after all.

Roy has been assuming the defensive position for basic human dignity without identity politics, constitutional law, national security, free-market expansion, freedom of educational choices, including knowledge of God.

Think I’ll wager on Roy. He’s not perfect but he fights a good fight.

Camille Hattrup


Expand Pelosi’s prayer list

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, when you said you would pray for our president, were you being honest?

Perhaps you should add former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper and former FBI Director James Comey to your prayer list. These three stooges are running around, pointing five fingers in six different directions, looking for someone to blame.

Also, let us all pray for the millions of babies being ripped from the womb.

Madam Speaker, what has happened to your once beautiful city, San Francisco? It is now dirtier than the world’s poorest slums. Those people living on the streets could sure use your prayers and a portion of your silver spoon wealth.

Ms. Pelosi, how about revealing 12 years of yours and the family’s taxes? Live by your words “no one’s above the law.” Prove it. And if fences don’t work, then tear yours down.

May God bless our country, the president and the men and women in uniform who fight to protect us daily.

Marge Lunders


Trump obstructed

The right-wing shysters and snake oil peddlers are incredible, i.e., they have no credibility at all. ...

These hypocritical bigots think they can support President Donald Trump and his feckless cronies while they trash the Constitution, yet then turn to the same document’s Second Amendment as guaranteeing them the right to hold bazookas, anti-tank guns and Uzis. ...

Sorry bozos, you can’t have it both ways.

Trump motor mouthpiece Lindsey Graham calls the Democrats attempts to get information from Trump “a political circus.” But when Graham was leading the impeachment effort against Bill Clinton in the late ’90s he said, “Any president who defies Congress when it comes to subpoenas is in danger of impeachment. ...”

Of course Trump has obstructed. That’s all he does — obstruct, lie and throw temper tantrums — from his firing of FBI Director James Comey, trying to fire special counsel Bob Mueller and refusing to testify before Mueller to refusing to let his thugs testify, refusing subpoenas, refusing to release his financial records and filing lawsuits.

Hey Trump groupie fools: What is your guru hiding? Or is he just trying to get an Oscar for best impersonation of a crooked scoundrel by a decent, honest man?

Now the bozo seeks to divert the nation’s attention from his incriminating secrets by launching a farcical, phony investigation of his own demented concoction. ...

All Democrats have to do is follow the playbook: ... Lie, obstruct, obfuscate, go to court, bury the truth, throw temper tantrums and deny subpoenas. ...

Marco Munez


Takes pride in community

Our community has once again demonstrated just how involved it can be.

The Stamp Out Hunger food drive on May 11 resulted in more than 15,000 pounds of food being donated to the Community Action Partnership Food Bank. All of the donations will be distributed right here in Lewiston through our food bank.

Few things in our experience are more rewarding than witnessing the community helping the community, being part of the process that allows families to help other families that may be experiencing difficult times.

We would like to thank all of you who donated. You have a right to take pride in being part of the generosity within our community.

We would especially like to thank the letter carriers and their “helpers” for this event. These are people who work hard every day and then volunteer to add to their workload for this special day every year. They put in so much effort, often with very little thanks for all they do to contribute. Please take a moment to thank them for their generosity.

Steve Small

Manager, Community Action Partnership Food Bank


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