Late by 400 years

Windmill advocates promote a 16th century technology to solve a 21st century energy problem. They only exist because of extraordinary government depreciation, tax breaks and an Obama-era law requiring utilities to purchase renewable energy, no matter the cost.

In every country — the United States, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, etc. — incentives to build them are the very sizeable government subsidies. Quoting Warren Buffet: “The only reason to build them is the tax credit. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

The global warming alarmists’ claims that windmill energy is becoming competitive with fossil fuel, hydro or nuclear energy are flat out wrong. The true cost of windmill energy is not passed on to the ratepayer. The higher costs are passed on and made up by the taxpayers. When utilities nationwide have offered consumers 100 percent renewable energy at true cost, the participation rate has been very low. Cheaper energy from conventional sources has proven more important then expensive “feel good” green energy.

Your tax dollars are subsidizing the profits of large international companies. Windmills are a method for foreign players — Denmark, China and Norway — to siphon American tax dollars into their country. And they’ll keep doing it while our schools and roads suffer from a lack of funds.

The windmill heyday was 400 years ago. Now that technology is costing us higher taxes and electric bills. In free markets, wind power never will be economically competitive. And the ignored windmill biological costs? They’re a disaster in the making.

Bob Hassoldt


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