Deranged about Trump

One feels a twinge of sympathy for Danny “Yack-yack” Radakovich. He repeats himself endlessly. He ties himself in knots trying to reconcile two conflicting principles: 1. Hatred will eat you alive and 2. Hating Republicans is approved provided they are “disgusting, distasteful, crude and incompetent.”

Yack-yack’s contortions are costing him what remains of his sanity.

Regardless of his choice of words, Radakovich hates President Donald Trump as much as Paul Oman does.

Oman, though, has the balls to admit it while eunuch Yack-yack dreads the scorn of the “Green Orthodox” church, and pussy-foots around the topic. There’s no “remain silent” in Yack-yack’s DNA — a teeeensy twinge.

Bridger Barnett


Decriminalize drugs

In response to the war on drugs, the most recent target being the opioid epidemic, this may sound crazy but here’s my advice: Just decriminalize these drugs, amphetamines included.

Pouring money into studies on how to fight it is a waste. So is suing the drug companies. More regulation on doctors and drug companies is only going to funnel those people to dealers who manufacture counterfeit (fentanyl-based) percs (painkillers), etc., anyway, which will likely lead to even more overdoses because of the source.

Also, the taxpayer dollars that are wasted on arresting and jailing (public defenders, prosecution and court costs included) those in possession, just to turn around and release them within a few days, can be funneled into the public school system, which is experiencing funding shortages all over this region. This will actually make a difference in these users’ lives and maybe they won’t start using drugs.

Anything else is a waste of tax dollars and futile.

I’m currently awaiting trial at Whitman County Jail. In the nine months that I’ve been here, I’ve seen the same people, some three times over and over again. They will find any way to do and obtain drugs. Jail and more regulation is not changing that.

Put the money into schools where these kids can be reached before they start using.

Ashley Myers

Whitman County Jail


No reparations

Blacks calling for reparation payments for each because they are descended from slaves is as asinine as if I, contending I had Jewish ancestors, which I have and therefore would have Swiss and German relatives who died in the holocaust, demanded money from Germany.

Note: Any Kienholz out there is related to me.

Blacks should know their history.

Enemy African tribes took black captives, sold them to slavers who walked them to the coast where they were taken aboard ships owned by Dutch, English and possibly French traders and taken to the West Indies where the first plantations needed slaves. This was before our eastern coast was settled with plantations. Those owners were later supplied with labor from the Indies, taken to the north.

When England decided slavery was illegal, most slavers became secretive. Some ships made trips to the west, made port near American shores, sold their slaves to privateers (one was Jean Lafitte and his brother Pierre) in Louisiana, who supplied the nearby plantations.

Blacks in the U.S., many of whom are millionaires, abound in every area: both houses of Congress, all sports, Hollywood, CEOs of businesses, medicine, state governments, the Supreme Court and lower courts, lawyers and judges, music from opera to rap.

A black family lived in the White House for eight years.

Stop squawking about slaves you never descended from and thank your maker for the lives you have now. The U.S. doesn’t owe you one red cent, let alone a cash settlement.

Flora Teachman


Protests county fee

Nez Perce Tribal Council, legal counsel, Bureau of Indian Affairs and all tribal members: It appears Lewis County has chosen to tax me, a Nez Perce tribal member.

They have in the past attempted to collect a tax to pay Simmons Sanitation for garbage collection. They say it is not a tax but a fee. I don’t know where they got their education but the facts are clear. They’re trying to tax a Nez Perce tribal member living within the exterior boundaries of the Nez Perce Reservation. To pay a fee to Simmons Sanitation is illegal and crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

I hope Lewis County knows it’s located within the exterior boundaries of the Nez Perce Reservation. We have our own laws, which include taxation.

I’m asking all Nez Perce tribal members to voice their opinions to the tribal council, legal counsel and BIA about the stealing and violating of our treaty rights.

I told the county I do not use Simmons garbage collection. ...

They told me that doesn’t make any difference; if you live in Lewis County, you have to pay the tax (Wow).

Stand up tribal members. If you choose to use Simmons Sanitation and pay the tax to satisfy the greed of the county, then do so. But you don’t have to.

By the way, Lewis County has attached a tax bill on my contract to sell my place. This is pretty low and underhanded.

I’ve given you a new name — Sneaky Pete.

Kenneth Jones


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