Boycott I-1639

On July 1, Initiative 1639 takes full effect in Washington.

Billed as common-sense gun control based on licensing for cars, a gun buyer will be required to have a safety class for operating a semi-automatic to purchase firearms, to be renewed every five years. Never mind you only take driver’s ed once.

I want to caution everyone about submitting to the regulations. Consider boycotting I-1639.

The danger comes from waiving your medical privacy rights by taking the class. You don’t sign anything; it’s just automatic by taking the class. At some point, your political views may be the basis for denying your gun rights because everyone who does not believe in the insane ideas of the left is crazy, don’t you know?

The other danger comes if, for whatever reason, you let your license lapse. Some future attorney general may confiscate guns if you don’t maintain the permit.

I-1639 is badly written and showcases why representative government or a republic is superior.

Citizens and 1 percent billionaires wrote this law and passed it. ...

Talk about the loop holes. Nothing bars you from buying a long gun in another state, so border area residents can avoid I-1639 like the plague.

You can still order long guns from the internet sent to a dealer who can transfer the firearm to you after a background check. Just send it to a Idaho dealer.

When it comes to handguns you will be out of luck. Go buy what you want before July 1.

Micheal Dietz


Choose life

If you are reading this and have had an abortion and regretted your choice, I want you to know that forgiveness is available. Once you realize the gravity of your action, it can become quite heartbreaking. But by acknowledging what happened and agreeing with your creator and your baby’s creator that what you allowed was wrong, you can begin to forgive yourself.

Ask him. It is the reason he died. Accept his forgiveness, and forgive yourself. He has more right to be angry than you have and he understands and forgives.

If you are reading this and are considering abortion, please think again. There is a wonderful alternative — life.

You may not believe you are in a place to provide this baby with what it needs. There is help available.

Have you asked the baby’s dad? Your family? A church? Your local crisis pregnancy center? Or considered allowing a couple to adopt your beautiful baby and make him or her their own? Babies do not wait long for adoption.

If you know somebody who is considering abortion, please encourage her to think of the baby, a unique human being with its own hopes and dreams. She can give nine months of her life to ensure the baby has a good start. Who knows? The baby may grow up to change the world.

Ginny Fischer


Not fair chase

“Bear hunters advised to review baiting rules,” read a headline in last week’s paper. Idaho is one of only 12 states that still allow bear baiting for black bear, “resulting in high interest from resident and non-resident hunters.” It takes no skill to dump rotten food in the forest and wait for animals to come to it. Not only does it foul the woods, it’s a cowardly and lazy way to “hunt.” There is no fairness of the chase as in traditional hunting. Just wait over a stinking pile of food and shoot.

Spring is a terrible time to kill black bears or any bear for that matter. Spring is when they’re coming out of hibernation, hungry and with cubs. Oh sure, I suppose “hunters” wait to see if cubs show up with their moms and don’t shoot those. Cubs aren’t always with the mom when she’s out searching for food, especially when they’re tiny. This is one of the most despicable practices ever thought up. Right up there with trapping — another cowardly, indiscriminate means of killing animals.

Susan Westervelt


Students were amazing

On May 7 and 8, we volunteered to listen to Clarkston High School seniors give their senior presentations. The purpose is for graduating students to write and present about themselves, their accomplishments in high school and their plans beyond high school.

The students were amazing. Each one has thought carefully about his or her high school accomplishments and thought out reasonable plans for what is next. Being a teenager is never easy and all students have overcome obstacles in their lives, many of them serious.

CHS teachers and principals not only teach their students, but make it a priority to support and affirm each student. This includes looking out for students who struggle and nurturing each one toward a path of success.

We plan to volunteer again next year and encourage Clarkston community members to do the same.

Thank you to CHS seniors, teachers and principals for their great work.

Janis and Lloyd Wallis,


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