Letter was not racist

John Murray, in his May 27 letter, claimed that my letter (published May 19) was Islamophobic and racist. I can understand the use of “Islamophobic,” but question the term “racist.” Compare photos of Louis Farrakhan, Abu Baghdadi and Coleen LaRose (Jihadi Jane). They represent differing races, but all adhere to the Quran. Islam is not a race.

Murray failed to address the fundamental question posed in my letters: Are the teachings and tenets of the Quran consistent with American’s founding values and documents?

Instead, Murray resorted to name-calling and “your side is just as bad” by misquoting Vice President Mike Pence. The accurate quote from the vice president is “I am a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.” Nationality was not included in the vice president’s quote as Murray asserted.

Murray also pointed out that 5,000 Muslims serve in our armed forces and that 14 have died while serving our country. Just as a reminder, those 14 were killed by other Muslims. It should also be noted that one of those 5,000 went on a shooting rampage in Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13 and wounding 30. Another killed an officer by rolling a hand grenade into a tent.

Again, the Quran establishes the framework for a theocracy and leaves no option for power sharing. Our government was founded as a constitutional republic. Fundamentally, those are irreconcilable forms of governance. I fail to see how pointing out this simple truth is either Islamophobic or racist.

Mike Fischer


Civility is a privilege

The National Institute for Civil Discourse recently appointed 26 of Idaho’s elites to a board that will promote “civility and respect” among Idahoans to “make change and continue to make Idaho the best place to live.”

Among its members are current and former politicians from Idaho.

It is my belief that a call for civility ultimately comes from a place of privilege. It’s like people who are secure in lifeboats as the Titanic sinks calling for civility to the people in the water trying to get in. It’s understandable. You’re safe in the boat and you don’t want it rocked.

Is civility the normal way to react to a politician who votes to take away your right to pass laws as a citizen? What else do you have to compromise when your paycheck as a waiter is literally zero after taxes from your tips get taken out? What kind of reaction is left after the powerful intervene in the people’s attempt to expand health care to the poor?

Being nonviolent in your political action does not mean you should seek consensus with those who wish to harm you. And they do. Life expectancy in the U.S. has dropped for the third year in a row, but the difference of lifespan between the poorest and richest classes has been widening for decades. So the rich are living longer than ever and the poor are dying younger.

With so much at stake, I’m willing to allow “please” and “thank you” to be optional.

Ryan Isbelle


Repeating history

Mom was a stenographer at the Nuremberg war crimes trials. She said the most remarkable thing about the trials was the arrogance of the Nazis and their total lack of guilt, remorse or conscience.

Just like the GOP today.

Republicans stand proudly behind President Donald Trump, despite all the corruption, deceit, lies and incompetence.

They’re proud Trump belittles his opponents with insults. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump got elected by gaming the electoral process. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump elevated presidential power over the other two government branches. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump circumvented normal legislative procedures to stack the judicial system with bigots and sycophants. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump reorganized the Justice Department into a presidential support group. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump evaded justice by obscuring and obstructing investigations into his corruption. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump attacks the free press and calls it fake news. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump encourages violence against dissidents. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump orphans immigrant children by taking them away from their parents. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump joked about shooting immigrants on sight. Just like the Nazis.

They’re proud Trump pardons murderers, war criminals and sexual predators. Just like the Nazis.

Are Republicans repeating history?

Sure looks like it.

Paul Oman


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