Joke is on them

By now everyone has seen the TV promo for “Eargo” hearing aids. I called for more information. I came away with a strong feeling the product may not be their primary source of revenue, but a “grabber” for the more lucrative interest income.

The first person asked me to hang up so he could call me back to confirm my number. Then a second man called me. I said that according to the TV, my cost should be somewhere around $2,000 or so, at $77 per month.

I asked what would be the total monthly amount drawn from my Visa card for the 25 months they had stated.

Man No. 2 said none of my credit cards would be accepted.

Man No. 1 one parroted him and added there was only one way to pay: I would have to apply for their credit card, “Care Credit” (26.99 percent annual percentage rate). ...

I then declined to apply, to which man No. 1 replied that it would be so easy and he reminded me that they already had my name, address and phone number from initial contact. Then man No. 2 asked for my Social Security number. I said “No. ...”

Then man No. 1 sort of chuckled and ... in an extra friendly voice, tried to remind me that all credit applications ask for a SNN. At which point I said, “yes, but I’m not applying for your card.”

He started laughing and said, “Ya got me. ...”

Judith Lougee


Stop name-calling

Paul Oman and Marco Munez, is there a reason you cannot discuss anything regarding the Republican Party without calling them Nazis, shysters, hypocritical bigots, bozos, idiots and so on?

You both need to re-evaluate what the Democratic Party stands for. Are you both so blind to believe that offering free education, free health care and support for all equally really comes free? That money has to come from somewhere. Guess where. It will come from the taxpayers across this country. ...

I can guarantee you that if this ever comes to be, this country will fall just as Venezuela has. ...

If you want to talk about lies and obstruction, check out Hilliary Clinton. She lied to Congress every time she opened her mouth. She obstructed the justice to all who died at Bengazi. But to you two, that is different. ...

I am not a fan of President Donald Trump. I think he needs to do the job he was elected to do and stop reacting to the inane antics of the Democratic Party.

As for Democrats, I believe they need to stop baiting Trump and get on with the business they were elected to do.

Now back to the name-calling: Every time you send a letter to the editor with all your belittling and name-calling of your opposition party, you show everybody who reads the editorials how uneducated you really are. So why on earth would anybody bother to agree with your politics? Just a point to ponder.

Paula Roman


Trump’s a moron

President Donald Trump’s own cabinet members called him an idiot, dope and moron. His attention span is worse than a puppy in a room full of squirrels, but is he stupid?

Does the extremely stable genius “intentially” misspell his “achomlishments?”

Signs of his mental deficiency include infantile grammar and misspellings, incoherent speech patterns and references to Nepal and Bhutan as “Nipple” and “Button.”

He claimed you need voter ID to buy cereal, health insurance only costs $12 per year, asbestos saves lives, windmills cause cancer and climate change is a Chinese hoax.

The most recent indication of Trump’s low IQ is his persistent fallacy that China is paying the tariffs he imposes on Chinese products. China doesn’t pay those trade war tariffs; you do.

American importers pay the tariffs and pass those costs on to the American consumer. That’s why the price of Chinese goods is increasing.

Another indicator of his ignorance is his penchant for obvious lies. For example, he claimed his New York City-born father was from a small town in Germany, a lie easily disproven. He’s not even aware his claims are often self-contradictory within the same hour of the same speech.

Without question, however, the two dumbest things he ever said were, “I’m very, very, very intelligent,” and “Everybody loves me.”

It looks like Trump’s former cabinet members were correct.

Paul Oman


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