Assault on Christianity

Wow, a double whammy against Christianity on the May 23 Opinion page, Marty Trillhaase.

A double-barreled, no-right-answer cartoon from the always controversial Mike Luckovich, followed by a curious and uniformed letter from Ryan Isbelle.

First, the title is absolutely wrong: The Bible does not promote abortion. Second, the quote (“her womb will miscarry”) does not appear as printed in either the King James or New International versions that I checked. ...

The Old Testament has a lot of hard and sometimes ugly stories that one could recognize even in today’s news: adultery, murder, deception, and stealing among them. Nothing is glossed over or made to look pretty.

The Numbers 5 story quoted is sometimes called the “only trial by ordeal” mentioned in the Old Testament. The belief was that an innocent woman would agree to drink the combination of holy water and “dust from the tabernacle floor,” believing that her innocence (in adultery) would render the unclean water harmless. If not, like modern-day hikers getting giardia, she would suffer the consequences. Primitive? Yes. Used today? No, although it was documented until the early Christian era.

As for the Bible teaching that the Earth has four corners and rabbits chew cud: Mr. Isbelle, at best you use sarcasm and at worst, you had a very poor Sunday school teacher. Be blessed as you go forward.

P.S. Actually, the cartoon has a right answer: Both the woman and baby have rights, but the baby’s rights and protection have to be provided by the adult...

Frances Rotter


Started with nothing

I have no desire to get into an ongoing exchange of letters with Flora Teachman but she is evidently spoiling for a fight, so here goes.

Yes, Ms. Teachman, ... I don’t have any doubt that people starved in the Great Depression. The economy was a mess. ... Whether food was destroyed to keep the price up, I do not know, but that still happens today ... where the farmers can’t afford to haul the produce to market. ...

My ancestors came to this country with nothing and they didn’t speak a language that had common roots with English or even a common alphabet. ...

Despite that, they worked hard and prevailed. The legend about my father’s father, a steel worker in Pueblo, Colo., was that after working a long day at back-breaking labor at the steel mill, he still did not earn enough money during the Depression to feed his family. The old man was too proud for a handout and never stood in a breadline. What he did do was come home from work, have supper, then get in his pickup and clean wealthy people’s ash pits. ...

I am an attorney and my sister is a judge. We didn’t get there because we were born with silver spoons in our mouths. ...

Our ancestors worked hard so we could get ahead and then we worked hard ourselves to get there. ...

So, the next time you want to lecture me on the rich versus the poor — don’t.

Danny Radakovich


What a sick idea

Reading Kathy Hedberg’s May 27 column — “Human composting lets the dead grow their own flowers” — the Lewiston Tribune must be getting low in stories to allow such an article.

Then, what can you say about other articles Hedberg has written. It must be to just to fill in space.

They should limit her to the 250 words that letter writers have to go by.

All I can say is the article was sick, sick. It was kind of like letters from Danny Radakovich and Marco Munez. ...

Jim Griffin


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