Build parking structure

It appears we have a small discussion going on about what to do with the Nez Perce County Courthouse. Some people think it needs to be relocated because of parking issues. I have been using that courthouse very frequently for more than 43 years now. It is true that there are occasional parking issues, mostly when we have something like a murder trial where the juries called in are larger and parking spaces, therefore, are at a premium.

Other than on those few occasions, however, there is usually plenty of parking, although you may have to walk a bit.

If they plan on keeping the courthouse in its present location and parking continues to be a concern, I wonder whether a parking structure makes sense.

After all there are a lot of offices in that area, including a number of government offices. I freely admit that I know nothing about the cost of building a parking structure and it may be prohibitive.

With the variety of governmental offices in that area, however, I wonder if building the parking structure could be a multientity project and, therefore, we would be able to gather funds from more sources. It’s just a thought.

Danny Radakovich


Make them sweat

Senate Majority Leader Mitch “Toad” McConnell recently repeated his “case closed” opinion on the Mueller report’s obstruction of justice findings. Now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s patriotic duty is to make Toad’s “case closed” become “coffin closed” on the current entitled, privileged, moneyed and power-driven conservative GOP.

Consider President Ronald Reagan’s supply side fantasy and his pre-1980 election Iranian hostage deal.

Remember Newt Gingrich’s made up Whitewater and Bill Clinton impeachment malarkey?

Then came Vice President Dick Cheney’s weapons of mass destruction lie.

Topping all this are Paul Ryan’s tax cut for the rich, Toad’s soiling of the Supreme Court and now President Donald Trump’s treacherous and traitorous hold over Republicans of all stripes.

What a ride to the dumpster.

The House should pursue all Trump dishonesties and illegalities and follow up on Attorney General William Barr’s Trump-protecting unethical and unconstitutional acts. Examine Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s China connections and her illegal use of a cabinet position to enrich Toad’s upcoming election campaign.

Also expose Toad’s involvement.

Hold hearings that can unmask unprincipled congressional creeps such as Rep. Devin Nunes and Sen. Lindsey Graham and, especially, the so-called Freedom Party types. A week should not pass with no cabinet secretary sweating and lying before a House committee.

The Founding Fathers’ legacy, the Constitution and Americans past, present and future deserve no less be done before the 2020 elections.

Leonard Ross


U.S. is no democracy

Brian Rhoades recently put his colossal charlatanry on display with his June 20 letter. Writers such as Rhoades, (and the Tribune publishes many, some on a daily basis) in their haste to attack neglect of any study or decrying of any subject, much less the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic.

I defy Rhoades to find the word democracy anywhere in the Constitution.

The voting process Rhoades feebly points to in order to drive his point home is why the Founders installed the Electoral College as a check and balance, if you will, for the democratic society and its governing body.

The Framers found any and all concepts of democracy abhorrent and did not see the federal government or any governing body in a majority sense.

At the Virginia convention to ratify the Constitution, James Madison referred to the Constitution as being a contract between government and the people.

“The parties to the constitution would be the people. Not the people composing one great body, but people composing 13 sovereign ties.”

We now substitute 50 for 13.

In 1815, John Adams said: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There has never been a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

Kevin O. Thomason


Got the prize

My little blue and white Corvair pickup and I want to say thanks for the Participant Award at the Cruzin’ to Clarkston car show. It was a great day with lots of real nice folks. Thank you to all the sponsors.

Frank Johnson


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