Trump's cruel policy

What is happening to this country I love?

Every day our present government is making life more difficult for many people.

The latest example is separating children from their families at the border. And among those, 20 percent (1,500) are missing - some babies and toddlers.

Gen. John Kelly reports that they are either in foster care or "wherever."

I am outraged and saddened. Who is thinking up these terrible policies?

What's more, standing alongside these government officials day after day is our smiling representative from the 5th Congressional District, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is supporting most of President Donald Trump's agenda.

I am sure that CMR would not like to have her children separated from her, and most people don't either.

As a psychology instructor at Spokane Falls Community College where I taught about human development, I teach about healthy development.

Providing children with secure attachment is essential and can affect an individual over a lifetime. The effect of separation may be long-range trauma and result in considerable suffering.

Of course, parents suffer too.

(The Mary Cliff Institute in Spokane leads in research and publishes information on attachment.)

The public needs to speak out everywhere against this cruelty. Compassion and empathy - "Do unto others" - is nothing new.

Nancy Street


Enjoyed the show

We attended the Lincoln Middle School's band concert recently.

It was a great performance. There was the concert band, jazz band and advanced band.

The director, Alison Henderson, has done a wonderful job teaching these kids their music. You could tell from the performance how hard the kids have worked for this concert.

The advanced band played "Rolling in the Deep." A young girl did a solo Adele song and she was fabulous. She really belted it out. What a performance.

They finished the night with "The Stars and Stripes Forever" and received a standing ovation.

With teachers like this and these hard-working dedicated kids, you can tell they will go far.

Thank you, Lincoln Middle School, and all the kids and teachers.

Nita Mauch


Change the law

Don't worry about today and don't worry about tomorrow. Believe it or not, that is scripture from the Bible.

Remember that song, "Don't worry, be happy." Well, ever since Washington legalized weed, nothing's worrying me and I'm a happy camper.

So, when is Idaho going to legalize marijuana?

Attitudes change, maybe we should too.

James Claffey