Purge Bill Hall

It is time to purge the writings of Bill Hall from the Lewiston Tribune’s servers.

In 2003, he admitted to allowing his grandchildren to watch the film version of the racist, white savior-promoting novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Pause a moment and let sink in the depravity it takes to indoctrinate your family into white supremacism by letting them see that movie.

But it gets worse as you look further in Hall’s tawdry, alt-right past. In October of 1996, the traitor Hall defended the racist book “Huckleberry Finn” against being removed from the high school curriculum in Federal Way.

Hall said of the protesting African American parents and their allies: “... the hysterics who go after that book aren’t even right about its being racist. So they aren’t just censors but ignorant censors.”

Could he have more blatantly dismissed the lived experience of people of color?

So say it with me now: “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Killer Chicken has to go.”

Because that’s how things are done now, right?

Thomas A. Hennigan


Advice for Rodriguez

I’m a retired police chief who sees Nez Perce Country facing a big dilemma.

Sheriff Joe Rodriguez, there are men and women who are upstanding and ethical badge-holders, and a few who aren’t.

My suggestion to you is to see what’s going on when people aren’t on shift.

Social media sites are excellent sources to identify individuals on your workforce who may promote hate-filled propaganda or are involved in activities that diminish the department’s integrity.

You can also utilize secret patrons to come into contact with officers to see what interactions can be improved.

Works every time.

Floyd Hopkins


Look inward

With the latest U.S. Supreme Court rulings, perhaps it’s time that we all take a look at ourselves and our attitudes toward others.

LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) and the Dreamers hold no threat to our chosen way of life unless that chosen way is to hate and deny anything that doesn’t fit our world view or that of the evangelical preachers.

After all that has happened during the past six weeks, it’s time to abandon hatred and division as preached by the far right, President Donald Trump and the evangelicals. It’s time to embrace the way our country used to work, i.e.: accepting and welcoming people from cultures other than our own.

We are an ethnically diverse country with many people who also refuse to accept age-old sexual beliefs. Should we deny them the same rights as we enjoy daily?

My answer is: No.

All Americans are entitled to those rights whether they be white, black, brown or any other color.

So please, people, take a long look into yourself and see if you can find some acceptance in your heart instead of believing what is being spouted by those who embrace hatred.

Jennifer Walker


Thank you, Charlotte

Twenty years ago, Drs. Stamey English and Glenn Jefferson formed a much-needed medical service in the community called Snake River Community Clinic. Thousands of patients have received free doctor care and medicine through the clinic.

Dr. English told me the need for checkups and insulin for the many diabetics was what really helped him decide that a free clinic was needed.

Also, 20 years ago, the doctors had the good fortune to hire Charlotte Ash to manage the office. She has been the face of this clinic for these 20 years, scheduling volunteers and appointments, finding free medicine, speaking to the public on the needs and benefits of the clinic, writing thank you notes for donations, managing the office and much more.

Charlotte has retired after these years of dedication to this clinic. I know I speak for many when I say thank you for all you accomplished and wish you a happy, healthy well-earned retirement.

Sharrol St. Marie


Alarmed by ad

I was alarmed after viewing a recent advertisement for New Saint Andrews College questioning the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision banning discrimination on the basis of sex and gender identity, where it used our city of Moscow downtown bathrooms to reinforce its discriminatory views on transgender people for a recruitment video for their school.

It’s ironic that NSA used the tagline “Going against the flow” for its ad, because this Supreme Court win for trans rights, for LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied) rights wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t overnight.

Protecting the most vulnerable among us is going against the flow of a long history of discrimination and hate, and this Supreme Court decision is long overdue. It is always alarming to see people with the most privilege act like they’re the victims.

New Saint Andrews is located in Moscow, a place that prides itself on being welcoming and valuing everyone regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

I think it would be appropriate to change the downtown bathrooms near Friendship Square to gender-neutral bathrooms. If an organization is going to use our tax-funded public restrooms to reinforce its prejudice, to try to entice students who share those discriminatory values to enroll, then I think our tax-funded bathrooms should be inclusive and gender-neutral.

I hope New Saint Andrews’ incoming students come to a Moscow that is inclusive, where they feel welcome and that, for the love of God, has gender-neutral public bathrooms.

Eija Sumner


Calling Matt Dillon

News Flash: America is done. Put a fork in it. We are too stupid for self-governance.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of “Gunsmoke” knows that Marshal Matt Dillon never compromised with a mob. He showed them a shotgun and told them to go home.

American cities are being terrorized by crowds demanding “immediate” justice and reform. These are nothing more than lynch mobs being tolerated (encouraged) by mayors and chiefs of police around the country. One of these mobs successfully commandeered a section of Seattle.

Mobs are screaming “systemic racism,” claiming that systemic racism contributed to the killing of George Floyd.

Say what? Floyd was killed by another human being. These two individuals had a shared history. One harbored a grudge (vendetta). Unfortunately, that individual, Derek Chauvin, was in a position of authority. Barring some miraculous “if it does not fit; you must acquit” moment, there can be little doubt that the accused (Chauvin) will spend the remainder of his life in prison.

Anarchists are using Floyd’s death to launch an all-out assault on America’s values, institutions and history. They know that immediate justice is not how our system works. Anarchists don’t care about systemic racism; their goal is lawlessness.

Now that we have gone so far down the road of appeasement, how do we get the genie back in the bottle? Neville Chamberlain learned, much to the world’s chagrin, just how well appeasement works with a bully.

Where is Marshal Dillon when we need him?

Michael Fischer


System is not broken

Amid the recent controversy and conflict surrounding the police and policing methods, I would want all of us to step back and think a bit about people in a community. People generally get along. However, there are times when people hurt one another. It might happen from careless disregard, ingrained prejudice or getting overly stressed and lashing out.

Regardless of why, painful and dangerous conflict is inevitable and more common with larger communities. A natural step is to designate members of the community to help de-escalate, arbitrate and otherwise resolve these problems in a safe manner.

This is the root of our modern police — people in the community designated to help resolve intense interpersonal conflicts. That helps us to see a police force as a positive thing.

However, there are places change needs to be made, such that our police are better ingrained as part of the community and as part of each community. It is also good to see that police officers are people, that all the things that cause a normal person to do wrong also applies to them.

Even as an inmate in prison, I have the upmost sympathy for someone whose job is to deal with people when those people are at their worst. That has to be incredibly stressful, and that can be a police officer’s daily life.

Just because individuals fail does not mean the system is broken. But it does look like change is needed.

Silas Parks


What pandemic?

Isn’t it great that Lewiston has been so lucky to have had such a limited number of COVID-19 infections?

To celebrate let’s throw away those ridiculous masks, look for crowded places to hang out in, boldly inhale the sneezes and coughs of anyone near us and show those cowardly snowflake liberals that we ain’t afraid of nothing.

Doesn’t logic suggest that if we haven’t had the COVID-19 yet, then we never will?

And so what if our vulnerable people get it and die? Haven’t they been a burden anyway?

I see that there will be a big revival-like service here in town. I think I’ll wheel that pain in the neck grandpa of mine there and let everybody praise Jesus right at him.

Think of the nursing home money I’ll save.

Darrell Scott


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