Striving to learn

It matters to me.

Oppressors usually know very little, if anything, about those they oppress. The oppressed need to know all they can about their oppressors, often literally, to save their lives.

I am part of the oppressor class in this country. My education, life experiences and aspects of our dominant culture have left me mostly ignorant of the life experiences and history of many people.

This ignorance is part of my life within white privilege in this country. This is not healthy.

Also, it turns out that I, like many people, am not naturally enlightened. When my ignorance lets me unknowingly harm people whom I have no desire to harm, then I have the obligation to learn.

I need to learn of past and ongoing terrible events so I will work to prevent further horrors. I need to learn of government policies that intentionally maintain economic and health inequality so that I may help seek correction.

I need to learn the collective and personal stories of all people, not only the glorified stories of dominant power, greed and sanctified abuse.

I need to learn in order to treat others well. It matters to me. It matters to anyone with whom I interact. It matters to everyone whom my actions and inactions affect

Maia Genaux


Throw Trump out

I was astonished to hear what President Donald Trump said at his recent Tulsa rally. Then again, the words were uttered by Trump so I really shouldn’t be surprised. The following is a true account, folks. You can’t make this stuff up.

Because of the rising number of coronavirus cases and deaths being reported, our president said he wants to slow down the testing process. Trump said: “You know, testing is a double-edged sword. Here’s the bad part ... when you do testing, you’re going to find more people; you’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, slow the testing down, please.”

To Trump’s twisted way of thinking, if we didn’t do so much testing, we wouldn’t have so many cases and fewer people would be dying. That’s like saying people should stop getting mammograms because we’re seeing too many cases of breast cancer. Or we should slow down on the colonoscopies because we are seeing so many cases of colon cancer.

Only Trump would not understand that early detection and treatment is the best way to combat infectious and deadly diseases. Only an imbecile or moron would not understand that. And he has the gall to say his critics and opponents are unhinged. Wow.

Come November, you will have an opportunity to choose someone of a sound mind to occupy the White House. People should seriously consider voting for anybody but Trump.

David Abbott


No one is safe

Toni Morrison reminds us in her “Playing in the Dark” that “The concept of freedom did not emerge in a vacuum. Nothing highlighted freedom — if it did not in fact create it — like slavery.”

The coming of our local police departments in the 19th century followed hard on the “freeing” of our slaves — thus insuring that to this day our “freed” slaves and pre-European natives are not free like we who perpetuate white supremacy. We are not spending a fortune to catch speeding motorists. We are not protecting the ownership of guns to keep our children safe from white people — or to kill a deer or two.

Police unions are not controlled by the Constitution but by statutes. We can vote as early as this November for legislators who will require that every incident of violence by our police against any of our citizens must be investigated from the first instant by offices of special prosecutors appointed solely for that purpose.

If our neighbors with nonwhite skins are not safe, no one is safe.

Is your skin white enough, do you think? Would you agree to wear a white star on your outer clothing?

Ronald Hufham


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