No interest in Oscars

A recent Lewiston Tribune had an interesting article by the Associated Press stating the 2021 Oscars were being pushed back due to current events. I have two words for that.

Who cares?

Cleve Chisholm


Learned from Russell

I am glad that the June 15 Lewiston Tribune front-page article highlighted the sad murder of Police Officer Ralph T. Russell in Lewiston. It was an incident that I did not know and appreciate learning about.

One notable thing in the article was “He was every kid’s friend because he always thought back just a few years to when he was a kid himself. ... ”

I wonder if this is something that may help all of us to learn to treat everyone with respect, especially those who don’t dress or look like us and have customs or religions as we do.

After my recent letter about my mistreatment by Palouse police, a colleague wrote to me: “I grew up in a fairly diverse and cosmopolitan city, San Francisco. But I had a few friends of color, and can’t admit to knowing many of them well. Even when I went to college (UC Davis) and had both Egyptian and Colombian roommates, I didn’t make much effort to get to know them.”

I personally admit that sometimes I get a bit wary of people who are very different, so we all have prejudices or biases. It is when people with a badge and a gun act on those prejudice or biases that results in the actions people are protesting now.

I hope that we will all become more sensitive about our feelings about people who are not like us.

Charlotte Omoto


Cover women’s sports

I wish there were more women and girls in the sports section. It is all just men.

Eleanore Dacey


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