All lives matter

Every life matters. I’m not buying Black Lives Matter because 90 percent of black deaths are caused by other black persons.

Fifteen percent of the police force in the U.S. is black; the percentage of black people in the U.S. is 12.9 percent. Is this racism?

I think not.

Black people commit 52 percent of the crimes in the U.S., so more arrests are common for black people.

Yes, there are bad apples in all races, work departments, schools and all walks of life. Police departments have one of the biggest problems because if you give someone power, you are going to have people who will abuse that power.

They need to weed out these types of people that use their power to make them feel above other people.

The media also needs to tell people what actually happens, not just what they think or what their editors think should happen.

The media needs to wait until they have the facts before saying things that are not true.

Bad journalism is causing 75 percent of the problem.

Also, politicians jumping on the bandwagon for personal gain is another big problem.

I always thought term limits wasn’t a good thing. Now after watching Congress not working for the people, I’m definately in favor of short term limits.

Abel Workman


Liberals have it wrong

Now we have the regressive liberal blue state/blue city movement demanding to defund and disband police around the country in response to purported “systemic racism” in law enforcement started by a bad cop kneeling on the neck of a three- time convicted felon, eventually ending in the death of George Floyd.

But the true facts of race violence remains unreported.

National crime statistics show blacks killed by whites — 2 percent.

Blacks killed by police — 1 percent.

Whites killed by police —3 percent.

Whites killed by whites — 16 percent.

Whites killed by blacks — 81 percent.

Blacks killed by blacks — 97 percent.

Young black males are 5 percent of the total population but are responsible for 50 percent of homicides and 60 percent of thefts/armed robberies nationwide. And most everyone has seen the HBO series COPS. Who likes to run and resist when caught in most of those cases?

Three guesses or you’re out of here.

Dedicated officers say goodbye to their loved ones before every shift to go to one of the most dangerous jobs in America while most agencies are understaffed and underpaid, anyway. But Joe Biden, the leader of the Democrats, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others want to do away with law enforcement, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Conversely, these same Democrats want to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Finally, blue city mayors taking a knee and literally begging for forgiveness is an indicator of how far weak and meek virtues have advanced into the realm of local and national politics.

John Webb


Shocked by armed protest

Having been gone two days, I missed the information about local gun rights groups planning to gather the day of the Black Lives Matter rally in Lewiston. I arrived into Lewiston from the east at 12:30 p.m. on June 6.

I was shocked to see numerous groups of armed white people milling around downtown. I saw no police. I was frightened and I found it intimidating.

Military-style armed persons in bullet-proof vests do not conger up “safe” in my world.

Getting home to Clarkston, I read in the Lewiston Tribune what was happening. Again, I was shocked. Lewiston police (which had regional law enforcement backup if needed) allowed a group of heavily armed persons to proclaim unofficial backup to law enforcement. This was for a perceived danger to property from people who were rallying (peacefully) in solidarity to social injustice.

The injustice that sparked the rally was due to multiple incidents across generations of police brutality toward brown people. Local police in this situation have a very fine line to walk, between helping protect the rights and safety of the rally folks to protest, and ensuring that if the police do have to act with force, nothing gets out of hand. They don’t need armed citizen groups claiming a vigilante enforcement role adding tension and fear to an already emotionally charged situation. The public does not need it, either. ...

I cannot fathom why Chief Budd Hurd said he saw no reason to keep armed citizens off the streets. ...

Sandra Lilligren


Never again

As most of you know, we recently had a Black Lives Matter demonstration at Kiwanis Park. The BLM event attracted around 1,000 participants and was a peaceful, respectful demonstration attended by so many in the valley.

Almost immediately after the BLM demonstration was announced, a Second Amendment (2A) gathering was planned for Brackenbury Square. The 2A demonstration, which was not really at Brackenbury but ranged throughout the downtown area, was attended by approximately 75 men and women who came armed “to the teeth,” as my mother would say. They had everything from military-type weapons to hunting rifles to handguns. They wore back packs with excess magazine/clips of ammunition and weapons and accoutrements that might be needed in a major siege on downtown Lewiston.

This show of force was detrimental to potential customers of downtown businesses. Some people reported not being bothered by the presence of armed militia-type people in our downtown. But many people, like me, voiced concern and chose to take our business elsewhere that day.

The 2A participants expressed their desire to help the downtown businesses by patrolling/guarding their businesses from potential looters. I would submit that is the job of our local police and sheriff offices and not the job of independent agents acting with no authority or accountability.

I hope downtown business owners, patrons, local police and government entities will all ask this show of force not be repeated and that the 2A participants heed the request.

Helen LeBoeuf


They came to intimidate

The group who gathered with guns June 6 in downtown Lewiston tarnished your city, the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley and Idaho.

The group is not about Second Amendment rights to open carry. The group is about fear and intimidation.

They are afraid of change and the advancement of a balanced and modern community in the L-C Valley, and a balanced and modern Idaho.

Many are “imports” who moved here from elsewhere.

They presume to speak for Idaho, but have no idea that Idaho’s character is grounded in the melting pot and genuine community.

They are afraid to walk alone without excesses of fire power.

They form alliances with insurrectionists.

They are self-appointed vigilantes.

A few are former military or police, who could not put down their arms.

Their stated purpose of preventing looting was fed by unfounded rumors.

They did not come to Lewiston to assemble in support of their right to bear arms.

There was no demonstration about common-sense gun reform to counter.

Their actual purpose was intimidation to repress support for racial justice.

They came to Lewiston to intimidate others, to discourage participation in the Black Lives Matter event, and to make noise.

And they came with the implicit threat that they would shoot.

“Protect Lewiston” — not so.

They are loud and imagine that they can bulldoze the citizens of Idaho — not so.

Lewiston absolutely can and must pass ordinances to prevent future displays of armed intimidation and vigilantism.

Sandra Goffinet


Time for healing

... A white child, I grew up in the segregated South and lived my adult life in the West.

That has allowed me a certain perspective on racism. The existence of the deep racial divide is an unhealed wound going all the way back to the beginnings of enslavement. It will never heal until our hearts and minds are healed. White traders forcibly removed black people from their homeland, brought them to the Americas and sold them like livestock.

These sensitive, intelligent humans were ... demeaned, deprived of education, controlled with fear and treated as less than human.

On the backs of their hard work, these whites became wealthy....

When government enacted emancipation for these slaves, they were filled with great hope for equality and the pursuit of happiness. Smarting at the loss of their slaves and their arrogant, luxurious way of life, these whites were resentful and fearful that black people were gaining too much power. They found many harsh ways to deprive them of their hopes. ...

This injustice went on until laws of desegregation were passed. ...

But discouragement and lack of opportunity still exists. Black men feeling devalued and hopeless can lead to social problems. ...

There is distrust all around. The cure is that we all search our thinking and actions, confront our attitudes and meet each other with understanding. Our children should be taught right thinking at home and school. We pass our attitudes down the generations. Change can come, but only with determination.

Marguerite Makin


Who needed ‘liberating’?

I have a question for Susan Irby Perez, a supporter of Liberate Idaho, regarding her remarks as reported in the Lewiston Tribune on June 6. Do you seriously believe that the downtown businesses needed armed citizens to protect them from “rioting and burning down buildings” in the middle of the day on a peaceful Saturday in Lewiston?

I thought City Councilor John Bradbury’s comments on the issue were right on the money.

Hank Goetz


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