No need to mock

Regarding the article titled “Lewiston man faces burglary charge for stealing beef jerky”: This man is a homeless individual of the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley community and it would appear this article was meant to mock and/or demean his societal status.

Stealing is against the law. But too often, we are quick to judge and slow to understand how this human ended up starving and sleeping on a park bench. I wonder if an article could be printed asking for those who can, to donate time or resources to the organizations in the community dedicated to rehabilitation for individuals in need instead of what appeared to be making fun of the situation.

Whitney Rales


A reckoning in Tulsa

A desperate President Donald Trump will finally get his overdue booster shot on Saturday in Tulsa, Okla.

This rally demands his minions show up and challenges their allegiance. He does not want to see protective masks. Anyone contracting COVID-19 is on his own.

Really, it makes sense. It’s easy to scream MAGA, wave a flag and wear a red hat. However, when supporters are willing to be exposed to a deadly infectious virus, they show true grit in Trump’s America. That they would endanger family, friends and coworkers just to be in his presence shows him they are his loyal warriors.

We hear all the time about “the great American experiment” and will it survive? Blah, blah, blah.

The real experiment begins at the Oklahoma rally when the president will pack that Tulsa laboratory with 20,000 Petri dishes and cross inoculates them while brandishing a Bible. He’s going to do more experiments, too.

A reckoning between the three entities involved seems unavoidable — God, Trump and Darwin

Richard Strongoni


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