As this is written, eight cities in seven states are (yes, seriously) debating whether or not to “defund police.”

They are: Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Nashville, Tenn.; Philadelphia, Penn.; Boston, Mass., and of course, New York City.

California, has two stupid cities (for this fantasy). The debate is about what social programs California could fund with money formerly used for law enforcement. Brilliant, huh?

I could support this under two conditions: First, these states must control their borders, so their citizens can’t leave their chosen toilet bowl. Second, once chaos reigns, the rest of America will not pay to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

It will be interesting to see a state (let’s just take California, for example) control its borders without police. Naturally, neighboring states will have to control the shared borders to keep the idiots in their self-imposed cage.

The states around Tennessee will have it easy. There are nine of them to share the cost of the barricade.

California and Arizona could form their own country (Califazonia?). The four states surrounding (I’ll call it “Stupidland”) could finally ensure that illegal immigrants have a place to call home. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be thrilled to be Stupidland president in the capital city of San Francisco. Adam Schiff could be vice idiot.

Jerry Nadler could be president of New Idiotville (New York and Pennsylvania combined).

Defund the police? Good luck finding cops when you finally figure out that was one of your dumber ideas.

Rick Rogers


Wear the mask

On May 31, Rick Rogers was almost informative, even open minded, (gasp), opining how dirty both sides of a particle mask can get.

Hopefully, I found the study Rogers referred to, supporting his opinion. But what researchers failed to address, just a teensy omission, was test subjects coughed with masks on, over and into a petri dish to determine where salivary particles went after being expectorated. Not surprisingly, particles were found inside and outside the masks. That’s because, when you cough as test subjects did, the air roils around. This is why researchers found salivary particles on the exteriors.

Why didn’t the scientists have the test subjects stand 6 feet away and cough into the Petri dish with the masks on? Would particles have even made it to the dish? Or on the masks?

I feel certain that had researchers not omitted these important parameters, results could have been dramatically different. Were researchers not permitted to consider pertinent social distancing rules? Obviously not.

Let’s say I hocked a loogie the size of a marble 10 feet (For me, poor).

Imagine how far a tiny droplet of saliva travels without a mask.

Unfortunately, we have jerks who spit at people for wearing masks, being worn to protect these jagoff’s erroneous perception of a “God-given right.”

This is why, Rick.

Jim Roach


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