Make the investment

It was great to read results of another study finding that “improving early childhood education is key to long-term educational outcomes” in the June 28 Lewiston Tribune.

The study conducted by Idaho Business for Education and HP Inc. focused on education and the economy in Idaho. This is yet another confirmation that the early years are not only important to the child, but to the family and community as a whole.

Idaho is one of four states that does not invest in early childhood. Quality early care and education are important. Eighty percent of brain development occurs during these years and lack of investment in early care and education is harmful to our youngest minds and to their future success.

Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children launched a new project, “Preschool the Idaho Way,” in an effort to educate parents, families, communities and policymakers about the importance of high-quality learning, and to build support with local communities and state leaders to invest in high-quality programs for young children.

The return on investment is real: better health, quality of life, less participation in crime, higher labor income, higher IQ, stronger social and emotional skills, less likely to receive government assistance and more likely to continue with higher education. All are important to an entire community.

As a friend said, “Come on, Idaho.”

It is time to be one of 47 states that understand the importance of early childhood care and education and invest in our children’s futures.

Alicia Robertson

Assistant professor

Early Childhood Development

Lewis-Clark State College



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