Missing the boat

It’s sad there is a crisis at the border. Too many people are risking their lives for a new life.

Most of our families came here from a foreign country. However, there were laws then just as there are laws now and most foreigners had to be quarantined for three months before they could step foot on this great nation of ours.

My great-grandma came over from Germany in a 24-person boat through many, many storms and she prayed all the way, holding her Bible, And she promised that if she ever saw land again, she would never eat one morsel of food on Easter Sunday.

And she didn’t.

I still have her Bible to this very day. However, I can’t read Old German.

Can someone explain to me where the laws have been flawed? Is there a history lesson I’ve missed? Why is this becoming a free-for-all-country? If our country is heading towards socialism, than I guess I’ll miss that boat my great grandma chose to ride.

Happy Independence Day, adopted in 1776.

Independence means being not under the control or rule of another, not depending on anyone else for money to live on and able to make up one’s own mind).

God bless America and those that have lost the value of America, our president and the men and women in uniform who fight for our freedom daily.

Marge Lunders



Putting out the firestorm

We are best at many things. We here in the U.S. will not be outdone. We strive to be best at something before knowing what it is.

Before the 2016 election, when ISIS, the Taliban and other maniacs were torturing, lopping off heads and burning people alive, and we could all see this on the internet, we were all stunned with fear, outrage and disbelief.

The world as a living thing had lost its mind and went nuts.

What are we going to do? America be best. We will not be out-crazied. We need to have a reckless leader as crazy, outrageous and greedy as the world is now. That means a capricious, heartless beast who will crush every norm, thwart all hope, have his way or destroy everything; a bully who will abuse and imprison, and who will tell us whatever we want to hear.

This means an entity so big we can all hide behind him and so ugly as to repulse any resistance.

So to fight fire with fire, Americans lit a big one in November 2016.

We damn well better be best at putting out the firestorm we have created. The longer the burn, the more is lost. And so much has been lost.

Richard Strongoni


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