Who needs it?

Corporate health care, who needs it?

First we get 27 doctors who join together to improve health care. Now you have to call on the receptionist for all 27 to get an appointment. This receptionist is so far behind that you’re caller 12. You can’t even call in to cancel if you’re stuck at another doctor’s office.

If you do get an appointment, they hand you a computer so you can update their files. They herd you into the orange computer corral.

Next, one clinic buys another and they start sending bills directly to collections without ever billing you. Or you paid the bill locally when you should have sent it to South Carolina.

One hospital terminates psychiatrists while the other gets a new one, but you can’t see him if you don’t sign a release of information for your probation office.

I don’t have a probation office. Wait, isn’t that a HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) violation?

Rick Oler


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