Hate takes root

Hate seems to be the comfort food of choice these days.

Hate is easier to harvest and needs little to no thought at all to plant. Hate springs forth from a soil that has been liberally fertilized with pride, ignorance and fear. Weeds can’t compete with the growth of a harmful comment or an ignorant assumption.

Hate spreads faster than kudzu and its roots go deeper than bindweed. You can find hate growing in the flower pots of the religious right and in the fields of the disenfranchised. When hate blossoms, it sweeps the land like locusts — its perfume contaminates the very air we breathe.

Children who are raised amongst the fields of hate and in the gardens of the proud will invariably suffer from bigotry and xenophobia — as well as from measles and chickenpox.

The only cure for the spread of hate is to not let it take root. ...

The longer hate is allowed unfettered growth, the greater will be the obstacles that must be overcome to stop it. ...

You can’t just pluck up hate where you find it or you just might do more damage than good. The only remedy for hate is patience, understanding and mercy.

Hate cannot grow where understanding and care flourish. ...

Hate will wither and die. Until this better day dawns, ... hate will be with us. How much hate will be allowed to spread depends upon ... how we, personally, respond to the challenges posed by the sowers of hate.

Michael Lamping


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