Not taking part

Interesting indeed is the statement issued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “Official says U.S. Chamber of Commerce won’t take part in ongoing breaching debate.”

What makes that a no-brainer is that the chamber is economics-oriented and the representative of the chamber knows that in recognizing Bonneville Power Administration’s plight, the ongoing costs of mitigation for environmental damage and maintenance, plus the addition of wind and solar power, makes it both unwise and impossible to justify using economic benefit as the basis for retaining the lower Snake River dams.

Using an old logger term, it would be like “taking a knife to a gunfight,” which was never a good idea.

Bill Chetwood


Good for Oman

I have seen the latest letter to the editor about me from Bridger Barnett. I can only describe it as an incoherent, name-calling, rant that just restates his previous comments, so there is no point, for the most part, in replying.

There is one thing, however, that was good and that was that old Bridger had some praise for Paul Oman’s physical characteristics. Congratulations, Paul. Good for you.

Mr. Barnett, it is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.

Danny Radakovich


Why it’s called super

Let’s set the record straight.

Tom Holm captioned Grangeville’s Super Egg Toss photo as having “several hundred competitors.”

We had 2,198 egg tossers on the Fourth of July and close to that the next two days That is what makes it “super.”

Guess you had to be there, Tom.

You have an open invitation to join us next year and try out your skills. It’s an amazing tradition, fun to toss and fun to watch.

Kim Chenoweth


Lying about guns

Who writes this stuff? Did they even graduate from high school?

Reading about the new gun laws in Washington state, the writer wrote about “a semi-automatic assault rifle.”

There is no such thing. It’s an oxymoron. An assault rifle is a machine gun. It’s fully automatic and they were outlawed in the 1930s due to the Thompson submachine gun.

Guns that are made to look like assault rifles are semi-automatic. You have to pull the trigger for one shot. But, because they look scary, the liberals lie to their uneducated followers and make them wet their pants by claiming they are assault rifles.

They lie about everything.

Frank Ehrmantraut


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