What is Trump’s legacy?

Now that the Democrats have revoked President Donald Trump’s free pass, he’s been reduced to a yappy little orange ankle-biter. He’ll bark and whine, but his political perversions will be limited to harassing immigrants and starting wars he can’t finish.

Trump’s legacy will be defined by how he elevates the image of other presidents. Consider the late George H. W. Bush. Until Trump came along, George H.W. Bush was considered to be decent, but not wonderful.

Then Trump emerged from the ooze and H. W. became the great conservator, a foreign policy genius and an erudite statesman.

George W. Bush’s extreme make-over is even more astonishing. His presidency was marred with CIA torture, lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the worst economic crash since the Great Depression. But compared to Trump, George W. is an honest paragon of virtue and an intellectual heavyweight.

Quixotically, Trump’s corrupt administration makes Ronald Reagan’s illegal sale of arms to Iran seem trivial.

Even “Tricky Dick” Nixon and “Slick Willie” Clinton fare better when stacked against Trump.

Nixon’s treasonous sabotage of the 1968 Vietnam peace talks is nothing compared to Trump’s wholesale capitulation to Russia. And Clinton’s philandering with a White House aide is minor compared to the numerous sexual assault and rape allegations against Trump.

When comparing Trump to Barack Obama, we see that Trump destroyed the economic stability that Obama created.

Trump’s lasting legacy will be that he makes everyone else look good.

Paul Oman


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