Liberals spew hatred

Nobody hates like a liberal as exposed by the 20 Democratic presidential candidates who were obviously talking to their base. I don’t know how anyone can be so vitriolic, bigoted and delusional day after day and keep his sanity.

Michael Savage has said “liberalism is a mental disorder” and it’s pretty obvious by the letters to the editor some write that they revel in their hatred of America, its Constitution, its people, its culture, its religions, its freedoms and its accomplishments.

They are symptomatic of a diseased mindset. And if any of them visited the Antifa website before they changed it to a “nicer” format, they would have agreed with its odious message of disgust with America, capitalism and Western civilization, and using violence to achieve its goals as it has done in Portland recently.

I have nothing but pity for these people as they have been fed a constant stream of propaganda and lies about what this country is about from the day they entered the public educational system. Anyone who disagrees with their lack of knowledge, their zealotry, their passion and their disgust with our system of government is an enemy.

Socialism is the father of democide, as the last century proved with Germany, Russia, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Africa and many other nations that consolidate power by mass slaughter. There are 179 million dead and still counting.

This is what these people want to bring here by their words and their actions.

Who are their targets? Guess.

Wes Wotring


Read the book

Some time ago, Marco Munez wrote a letter titled “Boys rule.” It began with “Welcome to Misogyny-land, aka USA.” Funk and Wagnalls’ dictionary defines misogamy as the hatred of marriage; and misogyny as the hatred of women. Munez continued by accusing old white boys of ruling with the Power Principle — “might makes right” — and the Peter Principle — “anyone without one is less than a man and will be treated accordingly.”

Obviously, Munez never read the book, which was written by co-authors. That book was only a statement of fact, that any happening of something bad or inconvenient would always come at the worst possible time. There was no connection to the male genitals.

In 1994, a writer’s conference was held in Tacoma at Pacific Lutheran University. Both sexes shared dorm areas. Attendees were sheltered in rooms on the same floor. There I met one of the authors several times. He even shared a bucket of ice the ladies used to beat the heat. We shared thoughts on book publication and writing experiences. Once, we met in the one bathroom on that floor.

Munez seems to live in the world of electronic devices, listening only to the yellow journalism of TV and newspapers and does no independent research. With his lack of knowledge in the real world, I can actually feel sorry for him.

Flora Teachman


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