Heads up

Hello, Flora Teachman. Thanks for your heads up regarding my past alliterations, you lovable old redneck gal, you. I think that was so long ago, I’m not sure I really wrote it. Are you sure it was me?

Although some might consider you a windy know-it-all, I don’t. I don’t think you know nearly as much as you think you do.

By the way, darlin’, have you ever considered that in the myriad plethora of universes and galaxies swirling around us, there might be, just might be, more than one “Peter Principle”?

Well, hey, why not consider it?

And have a Coke and a smile while you’re at it. On me. Cheers.

Marco Munez


Joining the fray

I am entering the fray, albeit somewhat late, over the decision by management at the Lewiston Tribune to not print baseball box scores. ...

Is it because of the cost of ink? That’s laughable in that it seems to me that the difference between the amount of ink required for the box scores and what we’re now getting — poorly written blurbs — is negligible.

Is it because of space constraints? Not really. From what I’ve seen the space required for each is the same. And most of the time, only one game is actually covered with enough information to understand how the game went. The remaining games are given a cursory sentence which describes virtually nothing, aside from who won. Why is the Tribune squandering print on the College World Series box scores? Why do they weirdly print all the PGA tour golfers’ scores and how much they earned? Or the juiced bicyclers? Or the tennis results? Or every round of the NFL draft? ...

The box scores and blurbs are not labor-intensive. Just cut and paste, and viola — a sports page with data. ...

For me and many other baseball aficionados, just by the box scores, we can figure out how the game went. ...

I also understand some people cannot look at a list of names and numbers and “watch” the game in print as we do. ...

Is Lewiston a baseball town? I thought it was. The college world series is here. Baseball is all about statistics. ...

Jim Roach


Restore bus service

... I live at Seapointe Apartments at 1129 Cedar Ave.

As of July 8, our Lewiston Transit Route service was canceled. It will no longer go down Cedar from 12th to 11th streets, even though we have a covered bus stop.

The changes were made, they say, because the street is too narrow. The corner of Cedar and 11th is impeded by rocks arranged to protect the owner’s property.

Another complaint is that children are in danger. There was a woman who ran a day care on 11th Street, but she sold her house and moved. The children at that time were in the backyard behind a fence.

In the eight years I’ve lived here, there hasn’t been a wreck in this block.

There are school buses, garbage trucks, FedEx, UPS, moving vans, delivery vans and fire trucks. None of them have had a problem.

Most of our drivers are former school bus drivers. I’m sure they’ve driven these streets before. There are 50 apartments here. True, some of us are still driving, but for how long? We’re all in our late 70s, 80s and 90s with knee replacements, bad backs and hip replacements. ....

We were told we could ride Dial-A-Ride. Isn’t that a bus? As for walking to the Boys and Girls Club or A&B grocery store, the parking lot from the medical and physical therapy office is not maintained in the winter and is a snowy ice rink.

We would like our bus stop returned. ...

Shirley Law


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