Make the right choice

Brian Rhoades, your recent Tribune letter states: “It’s a bit surprising when people show how ignorant they are, but Jake Wren has done it again with his June 17 letter.”

Then you add “those who are proud of their ignorance claim America is not a democracy, it is a constitutional republic. ...”

Obviously that was aimed at me.

But one paragraph later, you claim “The U.S. is both a constitutional republic and a democracy.”

So, Brian, do you belong to the first group or the second?

Comment: “Constitutional republic” does not appear in my letter. It states our “founders set the stage for our amazing experiment in freedom ... by working to create a republic. ...

The difference: God is the primary source for law and order, not people.” In your letter, you state “our man-made laws ... is what established our nation as a nation of laws, not gods.” So we agree. In a democracy, “laws are made by men, “not gods.”

Some facts:

l Early Americans believed in God: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men are created equal.”

l A correct diagram of our early government is: God is greater than people is greater than government. Any study of our Declaration and the Constitution proves this conclusively.

l History records repeatedly governments based on men alone — democracy, diagramed as people are greater than government, always end up in turmoil, bankruptcy, dictatorship and collapse. Witness Venezuela as our most recent example.

So, Brian, Americans need to avoid your choice.

Jake Wren



UI has bigger problems

Wow. An entrepreneur and former University of Idaho student using his skills taught to him through the Idaho Entrepreneurs program wants to donate 10 percent of his business sales back into the UI through scholarships. He also wants to help local nonprofits and award businesses and individuals who are following his business mission statement by making a positive impact in their communities. But he is being harassed by his own alma mater for using the word “Vandal” on his gold pale ale beer. The UI says that is a trademark infringement. Really?

Here we have a university needing to focus on more important issues, such as increasing student enrollment, hiring an athletic director, completion of the basketball arena and getting the new president up and running.

And what is really going on with our basketball coach?

Yet the UI is more concerned about a possible hint of a word violation. Maybe the real trademark infringement should be on the use of the word “beer.”

Go Vandal Beer.

Cindy Connelly



Get educated

It is quite obvious that Gary McBee of Orofino has absolutely no knowledge about air traffic control at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport.

The tower controllers are some of the best, well-trained and very safety-conscious of all air traffic controllers in the Lewiston area. Perhaps McBee should visit the tower and educate himself.

Johnny Stewart


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