Upon reading the complete text of the letter signed by Rep. Bill Goesling, R-Moscow, regarding the Boise State University’s efforts at diversity and support for minority students, I feel very embarrassed to have contemplated voting for him in the previous election. I shall not embarrass myself the next time around.

Ron McFarland


Does not believe Oman

Paul Oman’s letter on Monday titled “Discrimination Lives” is full of innuendos and lies. One only has to examine the content to see the falsehoods he presents. Let’s take a look at his accusations.

Where did police officers shoot a suspect in the back nine times? Where did the police shoot a suspect five times in the chest while he was lying face up on the ground, officers holding him down? Where was a person choked by a police officer causing him to resist? Where was a black person kicked out of a coffee shop for merely sitting and waiting for a friend?

The first two examples of police misconduct are outright murders. Perhaps Oman should think twice before he accuses a police officer of committing such an act.

Oman proposes that it is better to run from the police. Never a good idea. You do not know what that officer is investigating and it could lead to a tragic outcome. It is better that you get a bruised ego than be dead.

Oman claims that the cases he cites are well-documented. Where and by whom are they documented? I suspect Oman is quoting from some police-hater news source. I surely hope neither he nor the newspaper readers believe such reports.

David Estes


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