Health care crisis

I am writing this letter because I am totally distraught. A family friend is dying of stage 4 breast cancer and a friend is not getting a diagnostic test for a potential cancer — both because of the cost of care. I would be happy to pay for their diagnosis and treatment but they are both not inclined to take charity from me.

How can the richest country in the world allow this to happen? Both had health insurance but they had to pay way more than they could afford for even their diagnosis and treatment.

When even poorer countries can provide health care, why can’t we? There is something totally wrong with this situation.

Charlotte Omoto


Back in the day

In a July 10 letter, I made an error in typing. The writer’s conference was in 1970; the temperature the first day was 94 degrees.

In a Feb. 27 letter, Marco Munez asks a question: “Does anyone remember how kids vented ... frustrations ... in the ‘good old days’ ... before ... America... became synonymous with guns, drugs and violence?”

Marco, under the Constitution, the U.S. has always had guns.

I remember those days very well. In old days, frustrations were few and far between. We spent time working with family, studying hard in school for high grades, taking time to practice other skills (music and writing) and did research on subjects without Google help.

There were no “safe rooms” in schools.

No counselors were there to pat us on the head while we cried.

There was no sex education, only home economics and sports to achieve a letter and stripes for our school sweaters.

We prepared ourselves for college by gaining scholarships, working and saving money. Young men were drafted before graduation and served this country, becoming heroes in their own right.

Marco, in those times, we old fogies became part of the “Greatest Generation.” We who are still living are proud to remember those days of glory and are glad that we lived before your “guns and drugs and violence.”

Tell us, Marco, how do you deal with your frustrations?

Flora Teachman


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